Update! Jesus Ochoa Presumed Illegal Arrested Tacoma Wa for Attempted Murder

Columbia County Shooter Jesus Ochoa in Custody in Tacoma

 Update! Jesus Ochoa Presumed Illegal Arrested Tacoma Wa for Attempted Murder

What I want to know is what are the names of the Americans in Columbia County who enabled this violent Mexican to reside there. Who Hired Him? Who Rented to him? Who looked the other way when they knew he was criminal mexican scum?

Columbia Co. Sheriff’s Office– 09/17/11

Jesus Ochoa, the man wanted in connection with a shooting in Columbia County that sent one man to the hospital on Thursday is in custody this morning after a tip to Tacoma Police led them to a motel where they found the suspect holed up.

Ochoa was identified by the shooting victim and a witness as the man who fired the gun on a rural roadway in the Warren area in South Columbia County.

Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies continue to receive assistance from the Columbia County Major Crimes Team (consisting of officers from local and state police agencies), the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, Columbia 911 dispatch and citizens from all over in this investigation.

Ochoa is presently in custody in the Pierce County (Washington) Jail on the arrest warrant issued in this case. The Preliminary Charges are: Attempted Murder (with a firearm) and Assault 2nd Degree

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4 Responses to Update! Jesus Ochoa Presumed Illegal Arrested Tacoma Wa for Attempted Murder

  1. Susanne says:

    He wasn’t illegal! I know this is true. He’s been here in the states since 1976…he’s been legal for 20 years. Sorry to f up your assumptions.

    • snoremonster says:

      so Jesus was in the United States Illegally for 15 years? What BS.
      He should be deported simply for breaking US laws for 15 years.
      It’s interesting that you have no interest in his murder attempt. Afraid to draw attention to the one million mexican illegals in Oregon?

  2. ray says:

    nobody should be judging or questioning anybody until proven guilty fyi Mexicans are the reason why you dumbasses eat get cleaned after do all the hard work all you lazy fucks dont do so enough of this racism bullshit …
    Oh and he is legal dont let your prejudice ass get to your lame ass..

    • snoremonster says:

      Jesus came to the US illegally and was an illegal aliens, now he is just a drunk and a killer.
      thanks for the hate mail from a mexican. By the way, us white folks did just fine without you mexicans wiping our behinds and we really want you to go back to Mexico and quite costing the US taxpayer $17,000 per US family in what it costs to give your brats food stamps, WIOC medical housing and free education , not to mention housing all of you.

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