Pass Everify! Donate to Numbersusa – Say Snoremonster Sent You: Stop Illegal Aliens from Using American IDs to Illegally obtain jobs


U.S. House Began Action on E-Verify TODAY — Most Important Bill in Our 15-year HistoryJudiciary Com. ‘Marking Up’ E-Verify, the Bill that Will Put Illegal Aliens Out of Work; Critical Votes Through Next Week

Our Goal: $117,569 by Sunday Midnight

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Select Always Allow Immages from NumbersUSA to see this graph

I’m certain you already know quite a lot about H.R. 2885, Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith’s mandatory, 50-state E-Verify bill.

We surveyed our vast membership about E-Verify over the summer. We found out that more than 98% of our members support mandatory, 50-state E-Verify!

with your record of activism and support of NumbersUSA, you probably support mandatory E-Verify 110%! !!!

Finally, after years of planning, waiting, and lining up allies, mandatory E-Verify is moving through Congress. Starting TODAY!

But our victory is NOT ASSURED. Bad amendments could be added in the Judiciary Committee during the next week of “markup.” We could lose. Nothing is a given.

NumbersUSA is throwing everything we’ve got into this battle of all battles. We are breaking the bank with national advertising, huge faxing, toll-free phone numbers, and more.

I need your financial support today so that we can win.

We need to raise $117,569 by Sunday midnight so we can guarantee we can continue the special advertising, the gigantic level of free faxing. Let me put it another way — we need TWICE as many members to donate as did last month. Please be one of those people.

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Let me tell you again what national, mandatory E-Verify would mean to America when it finally becomes law:

  1. Currently, less than 2% of employers nationwide use E-Verify to make sure new employees have the legal right to work in the U.S. Under H.R. 2885, 100% of employers will use the system within 2 years.
  2. As illegal aliens are blocked from getting jobs, the 22 million unemployed and underemployed Americans will have a fair chance at them.
  3. Eight million illegal aliens now occupy jobs that should go to Americans. H.R. 2885 will begin weeding them out because the Social Security Administration will send employers notice when illegal workers are found to have faked S.S. numbers. (Yes, the S.S. Administration already has this information!)
  4. Americans who now have their identities (S.S. numbers) stolen by illegal aliens will be notified by the government so that they can begin to protect themselves.

This morning the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives began it’s work of debating, amending, and, we trust, passing this bill. It will finish its work next week.

Will the bill get through in good shape? Will we get the “yes” votes we need next week to send the bill to the floor of the House running, not limping? We need your help to make sure. Our minimum goal is $117,569.

Did you know these things?

  • NumbersUSA is the only immigration reduction group on the inside working to craft and move this bill from first to last. This bill WOULD HAVE NO CHANCE without us.
  • NumbersUSA is running millions of Internet ads supporting H.R. 2885. The costs are huge, but necessary.
  • Our members have ordered nearly half a million faxes in support of mandatory, national E-Verify since a bill was announced this summer. And we’re not nearly done. Just imagine the costs!
  • We’ve got the phones ringing off the hooks in Congress. Many of you have been sent toll-free numbers.

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The George Soros-backed network of Leftist groups, the radical labor unions are going berserk trying to smash this bill. They want more illegal aliens in U.S. jobs, not fewer!

this is World War III for us. NOTHING matters more than getting mandatory, national E-Verify signed into law. But WE CANNOT WIN WITHOUT YOUR FINANCIAL BACKING! Really!

If you want illegal immigration to become a thing of the past, BACK US NOW!!! Thank you in advance.

1) On-line credit card (we take all major cards).

2) Give by PayPal.

3) Check — see the instructions and a form to print out and send with your check.

4) Call (877) 885-7733 to arrange a wire transfer, stock donation, or to make a credit card donation over the phone. If our office is closed, please leave the time and your phone number and we will call back.

This is our hour! Let’s seize it!
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