Mexican Half Breed Nicholas Gutierrez-Didlot Panhandles $5.00 Gets Blond White Woman Meghan Fleming Arrested For Robbery

Mexican Half Breed Nicholas Gutierrez-Didlot Panhandles $5.00 Gets Blond White Woman Meghan Fleming Arrested For Robbery Woman Recants Donation, Two Arrested For Robbery I

Salem Police Dept.– 09/30/11

 So an American woman has lost her kids and is now a criminal because she stupidly gave $ 5.00 to a mexican anchor baby ? In Salem Barrio of Mexico where thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico are never arrested for criminal trespass, ID theft or anything else.  People keep saying we’ve got to  stand up and take back our  country ,but if you do  and your white and American by birth , you will be in jail. By the way, it is possible the Mexican who had her arrested is an illegal alien, although in Salem the invasion has been going on a long time and he might also be the product of a mixed marriage anchor baby. (   green card marriages)



Meghan Fleming, 26 years of age, was walking out of the Petsmart store at 2925 Lancaster Dr NE about 4:00 yesterday afternoon when she was approached by a male nasty criminal mexican anchor baby  asking for money. She and him a five dollar bill and proceeded to her vehicle where her nephew 19 year old Timothy Fleming and her twin two year olds were waiting. Fleming apparently changed her mind about the donation, drove up to him in her car, pulled back the slide on what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol and demanded her money back. Timothy Fleming demanded the money as well and threatened to take the man’s bicycle. The victim, 23 year old Nicholas Gutierrez-Didlot, handed the five dollar bill back.

The victim walked into the store saying he had just been robbed and provided a description. The store was familiar with Meghan and provided police dispatch with her name. Police records showed that Meghan lived in the 4000 block of Beck Av SE. Officers responded to Petsmart, as well as to the Beck Av. address.

Approximately 20 minutes later, Meghan drove up to her residence where she was taken into custody without incident. The pistol turned out to be a BB gun. Her two twins were turned over to her relatives for care. Timothy Fleming was not in the vehicle when it arrived on Beck. He surrendered at the Turner Police Department at about 6:00 this morning.

Both have been lodged in the Marion County Correctional Facility charged with robbery. “Meghan certainly could have asked for her money back, but that was not the case. She crossed the line when she pointed what looked like a firearm at him and demanded he hand over the money,” said Lt. Steve Birr.

Attached Media Files: 2011-09/1095/48130/t.fleming.jpg , 2011-09/1095/48130/m.fleming.jpg

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