Update ! Irony Abounds : Occupy Portland ( Junior Leftist Tea Baggers) Mexicans Hispanics Paid to Attend Occupy DC so it wouldn’t be So White

Irony Abounds : Occupy Portland ( Junior Leftist Tea Baggers) Refuse to Obtain Protest Occupy Portland Organizers Refuse to Obtain Permit or Share Route Information

 Truth is the mexicans only come out when La Raza tells them to and only for selfish self-serving reasons, so they had to be imported to keep the Occupy Movement from looking really white just like the Tea Bag Movement. Oh white people are so icky


white girl protests but not about illegal aliens sapping the wealth of our country

Portland Police Bureau– : Who refuse to check immigration status of Illegal aliens, thereby creating a sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens and all illegal aliens are criminals.The same Criminal Illegal aliens occupy Oregon every day, but they are the darlings of State Government .

non white illegal aliens march in Portland demanding unlimited food stamps greed from illegal aliens

Another Irony, a few weeks ago , mostly naked black people danced naked in the streets of New York City , and  Cops dry humped the sluts as they shoved their asses into their white crotches. No arrests for Indecent exposure. Mayor applauds police dry humping black sluts. Four days ago 700 mostly white Americans with clothes on were arrested by the same police for marching against greed in the same New York City. Is there some kind of double standard here? okay for non whites to do what they like but white people better not march in public? I think so.

It is amusing that  the Occupy Movement , which seems to be against Wall street and Corporate Greed, exactly like the Tea Baggers, except not, because they are Young And probably White and Probably Hipster Leftists. Junior Tea Baggers, most likely the same people who have called The Tea Baggers evil for the past year , most likely do not realize that Obama, the Man they voted for and still follow , voted for Wall Street. See following picture of obama followers. immigration enforcement  will not be discussed, of course, since most likely they are for open borders and the occupation of the Former United States by foreign nationals.



Update: Attached FAX Portland Police received from Occupy Portland.


As of 10:30 a.m. today, Wednesday October 5, 2011, “Occupy Portland” event organizers have expressed that they will not be obtaining a permit and will not share any information on a march route or locations that the march may “occupy” along the way. The event is planned for Thursday October 6, 2011, at 12:00 p.m.

The Portland Police Bureau received a fax last night from “Occupy Portland” stating the following:

“Currently there is no plan to obtain a permit since this movement has no leadership and further legal advice from the National Lawyers Guild advises against obtaining a permit. For best impact we will march in the streets and disrupt the city.”

Representatives from the City of Portland and the Portland Police Bureau have been in dialogue with ‘Occupy Portland’ event organizers in the hopes that they will provide route information to the Police Bureau.

Efforts have been aimed at assisting the group in obtaining a permit for the event. The permit provides for a coordinated set of guidelines. The guidelines spell out the route, authorizing event participants to lawfully be in the street and it is designed to ensure the safe flow of all traffic in the downtown core. Experience has show that working with organizers on obtaining a permit makes the event more collaborative which increases the overall success of the event for everyone.

The Portland Police Bureau is committed to vigorously pursuing the goal of allowing participants to express their view which is there free speech right. Our overall objective is to take all appropriate action to help make this event happen in a way that is safe for participants and the general public alike.

The Portland Police Bureau is asking that Downtown Portland businesses be aware of this event and that they prepare for possible disruptions. Additionally, the Police Bureau is asking for the community’s patience and understanding as there may be disruptions to vehicle, pedestrian and TriMet traffic in the Downtown core during the duration of the event.

Anticipating that people may intend to occupy Portland parks as a result of this event we want to remind people that under City Code Park Rule 20.12.210 Hours of Park Closure:

A. No person shall be in a Park during hours of park closure. Unless the Director designates otherwise for any Park, “hours of park closure” means any time between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 5 a.m. This offense is a class “B” Misdemeanor and under the City Code those who violate Park rules can be arrested.

The Police Bureau will continue to provide updates as they are available.

The day of the event, follow @portlandpolice on Twitter for updates and information.


Attached Media Files: 2011-10/3056/48245/Occupy_Portland_FAX.pdf , 2011-10/3056/48245/Badge.jpg

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