Black Female Geneva Gay Says Multiculturism Is Dead

Multiculturalism Topic of Free Local Symposium, Nov. 9-11

Lewis & Clark– 10/13/11 you wont learn why multiculurism is dead, look up theBlacks Riot in UK instead, or Black Flash Mobs Attack Whites, or Most males in Prison are either illegal hispanics or Blacks. 

Geneva Gay

Geneva Gay

“Multiculturalism is dead.”

Earlier this year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the bold statement above. What did she mean? What exactly is multiculturalism? And what place does it have in our education system?

On November 9-11, the Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium will consider these questions in a series of panel discussions and lectures that explore the meaning of multiculturalism in the U.S. and abroad, look closely at the controversies and complexities surrounding this word, and examine the policies that have emerged to promote and support the idea. The symposium will take place at Lewis & Clark, 0615 SE Palatine Hill Road. All sessions are free and open to the public.

Keynote speakers include:

* Gary Younge, author and award-winning Chicago-based columnist for The Guardian who has reported from all over Europe, Africa, the US and the Caribbean. Younge also writes a monthly column, “Beneath the Radar,” for The Nation magazine.

* Gary Okihiro, professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University and one of the founders of the fields of Asian American and comparative ethnic studies.

* Geneva Gay, an award-winning professor of education at University of Washington, whose research on multicultural education and general curriculum theory has brought her national and international attention.

This year’s symposium closes with a performance of the Race Monologues, which addresses Lewis & Clark students’ experiences with racism, ethnicity, and personal identity. The event also includes a student-curated art exhibition built around the theme “mul-ti-cul-tur-al-ism: defined,” featuring work by both campus and community artists.

For a complete schedule of events, visit

** Interviews are available with the keynote speakers or any of the panelists. Media interested in attending the symposium should contact Lise Harwin at 503-768-7961. **


Located in Portland, Ore., Lewis & Clark is a private institution with a public conscience and international reach, enrolling approximately 2,000 undergraduate students and 1,500 students in graduate professional programs. Our alumni, faculty, and students are recognized as global thinkers and leaders. Our three schools offer undergraduate studies in the liberal arts and sciences and graduate professional programs in education, counseling, and law. For more information, visit

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