Occupy Portland: Breaking News Portland Police Arrest Eight Legal Americans

Occupy Portland: Breaking News  Portland Police Arrest  Eight Legal Americans

Portland Police Reopen Main Street But Portland Police still refuse to Arrest any Illegal aliens for illegally Occupying Portland.

Portland Police forgot to arrest and deport the illegal aliens above who marched in the streets of portland demanding that ICE stop all deportations.

Keep Portland full of “Hispanic Rapists and Drug Dealers” The Portland Police are guilty of Racial Profiling of White Americans They arrest Occupy Portland Protestors who were largely white and legal and ignore illegal non-white Hispanics.


Portland Police Bureau– 10/13/11

Today, Thursday, October 13, 2011, at about 6 a.m., Portland Police reopened Main Street in downtown Portland. Main Street has been closed since last Thursday, October 6, 2011, when Occupy Portland concluded their march and arrived at Chapman Square and Lownsdale Park. Every day, police have been attending all General Assembly meetings and talking with event organizers about the need to reopen the street.While many of the Occupy Portland attendees wanted the police to open the street, ultimately, the group could not reach consensus on the issue.

Today, police have removed the barricades and arrested eight people for Disorderly Conduct and/or Interfering with a Peace Officer-both misdemeanors.

Main Street, which is a major traffic corridor for Portland’s residents, commuters and emergency services, is open and traffic is flowing again. Officers have left the area, as those causing the street closure are in custody. Officers will continue to regularly patrol the encampment as part of the effort to provide public safety resources when needed.


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