Mexican Family Values: – NInos Anchor Babies found in sheds, meth seized at Illegal Mexican cockfighting site in Governor Jerry Brown’s California Mexico

Mexican Children found in sheds, meth seized at  Illegal Mexican cockfighting site in Governor Jerry Brown’s California Mexico

 THe media has suppressed the Mexican Origin of those involved because of Gov Brown and all the Mexican La Raza Nazi’s . Everyone knows they are Mexican so give up the spanish surnames please

October 13, 2011 | 11:06 pm

 Deputies served a search warrant at an Antelope Valley cockfighting operation where they allegedly seized $1 million in methamphetamine, 100 roosters and found a 4-year-old boy and a half-dozen other youths living in dilapidated sheds.

The operation stemmed from a narcotics investigation that led authorities to the site in the 46200 block of 30th Street East in an unincorporated neighborhood north of Lancaster, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday night.

The seven youths ranged in age from 4 to 17 years. They were turned over to child welfare officials.

Five pounds of meth were found hidden in vehicles, and several firearms were recovered in Wednesday’s operation, authorities said. Deputies found sparring muffs and steroids for the roosters.

Six adults were arrested on suspicion of narcotics violations, authorities said. Their names were not released.


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2 Responses to Mexican Family Values: – NInos Anchor Babies found in sheds, meth seized at Illegal Mexican cockfighting site in Governor Jerry Brown’s California Mexico

  1. Andre says:

    They tried to get rid of illegal immigrants from the Pacific Islanders in New Zealand in the 1970s . They hid in the garages of State-funded houses occupied by their relative. The police tried to arrest and deport them by going early in the mornings to apprehend them. Sickly White liberals and lesbians homosexuals and Marxist communists in the labour Government rewarded this contempt of New Zealand by providing an amnesty to let them be one else but Pacific Islanders that I am aware of. then later the Polynesians decided Whitey had been ‘Way Cyst’ to try to deport the illegal migrants….the Brown-skinned islanders and they set up a mantra and company called ‘Dawn Raid.’ Violence, rape, burglaries, home invasions and murder is common place as the Polynesians form Black Gangsta-type Blood and Crips. The majority leave school with no qualifications ( the Marxist teach them to say it’s too ‘ EURO-centric’ (What else!) and many join gangs that are involved with.dealing in drugs and prostitution.) They still call them themselves victims of White man’s oppression and call Europeans “Crackers’ just ape the Apes in the USA. These Browns have never suffered under the White people (although Whites have with shocking attacks) or their systems and have been given education/housing/employment/scholarship opportunities and the most generous welfare money in the world. These tall, beefy people think they are cool and have brought ‘exciting’ Shit Hop and crap bands to the country…many of the men and women look like Tanya. They wonder why Whites avoid them like the plague….Whitey apparently is keeping ‘them down.’! Many Fatherless White girls or those poorly educated formally or culturally procreate with them and .vicious, Domestic violence is common. The older Pacific women and men are disgusted with the attitude of the ungrateful, brainwashed, ‘Youth.'” An economist at Massey University, Greg Clydesdale, used Government statistics to show how much of an economic drain they were to the little New Zealand economy…the PC bullies shut him up and he could not give his report at an international South America..Brazil..maybe. He was shut up completely. ‘WAY was Government DATA!!! They have very large families and their population is growing rapidly..the Government still piles thousands in..despite the money and costs necessary for those suffering the after- effects of Earthquakes in devastated Christchurch City….population…mainly White! Illegal immigration was, and still is, rife…just wait some time and you will gain amnesty and legal citizenship. White people used to make up 93% of the population but are now only 63%. Maori are special though..they also see the danger of unbridled immigration. White new Zealanders know little about their European History or cultural roots..the Schools and Governments make sure of that!!

    • snoremonster says:

      ahh…. The brown Cannibals that ate Captain Cook, are playing the race card so they can be monkeys on the backs of White western countries.
      same scam goes on in the US and it is a fight. as they destroy us through their over-breeding.
      I am sorry to hear that New Zealanders are being brought down by the same scam that the US and England etc are…Many Americans look to New Zealand as a place where one can still be white and safe.
      There reason the descendants of slaves in teh US are not moving back to African is because playing the race card wouldnt work, while here they have welfare and affirmative action and the race card.
      ps I was just watching a video from 1986 called the Story of English, made by the US version of the BBC.
      Well it was shot in the London east end and Australia and Ireland and guess what! White People, not tons of foriegn nationals of dark skin,,,,how strange.
      and here we are …….

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