2012 Mayan Calendar Humor Joke Funny whatever End Times

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5 Responses to 2012 Mayan Calendar Humor Joke Funny whatever End Times

  1. Andre says:

    For “Christ’s sake”..very cute! I LEAVE YOU WITH INTERESTING LINKS ON GOOGLE; Oh Mighty OPRAH Guru has a kind of messinaic church and advocates a kind of ‘bible’..THE SECRET. Many followers believe there are ‘no coincidences’..it is ‘all meant to be.’ Are these ‘coincidences?” . In Luke 10:8….’.Lucifer as lightning falling from the sky.’ The text was originally written in Aramaic..a close cousin to old Hebrew. In Strong’s dictionary word 1300 . LIGHTNING = BARAQ and word 1116, HEIGHTS=BAMAH. Isaiah:14:12-19. In DANIEL 8:9-12 The Beast will rise quickly..be of ‘slave’ origins. Obama “father’ , like many Africans, might have been slaves to victorious rival Black chiefs) DANIEL 7:11 will be arrogant and boastful / DANIEL; causes devastation. DANIEL THESSALONIANS and REVELATION /’ supported by powerful ( O Winfrey? WHORElyWOOD ‘STARsnaked. etc) DANIEL/THESS/REV..will be stern-faced/ encourage a take-over spirit .be BLASPHEMOUS….”Gotta get Whitey mentality” from Blacks /USA is ‘OURS’ (Hispanics’ mantra/ USA MOSQUES and even in former churches/ Shariah law /Acts of Terrorism death to the ‘ KUFFARS and INFIDELS’…(.QURAN) …..All the White Americans and/or CHRISTIANS .DAN/REV/THES: MASTER OF DECEPTION. Some say many or all these things fit with Obama but is he the only one exclusive one to fit? They ask: “Was Obama born in USA and where is his long- form birth certificate? ALEX JONES PRISONPLANET.COM. They say he said he would bring soldiers (mainly precious, patriotic White men) home..but sends more to be slaughtered! I read he was a secret CIA agent in Afghanistan who speaks that language, Farsi, fluently. If so, what was he doing there? What is Obama’s background? The ‘Beast and the Deceiver will be ‘as a Messiah’ (Louis Farrakhan calls Obama THE MESSIAH) and so do others!! THESSALONIANS 2: He will be as a ‘rebel’..Obama’s US Secret Service number in 2008 was RENEGADE = REBEL. He will stand in The Holy Place: Obama stood at the Wailing Wall Jerusalem (Matthew 24)..an abomination..God calls many acts an abomination..including sodomy..Larry Sinclair wrote a Book about Gay sex with Obama. REF: LARRY SINCLAIR REVEALS GAY SEX AND COCAINE WITH OBAMA. Sodom and GORMORRAH AND FLESH ABOMINATIONS (Revelation). He will rule for about 42 Months …about a term!..During his time will come the MARK OF THE BEAST. (Verichip..RFID human transplant chip) ”’NONE CAN BUY, SELL, SAVE WITHOUT IT”..REVELATION 14:1. THERE WILL BE WARS / HIGH TIDES ( HAARP CAUSING EARTHQUAKES?..TSUNAMI?) Refer to HAARP EXPOSED BY JESSE VENTURA. There are predictions and occurrences of famine / drought/ Pestilence swine flu/ (AIDS) etc….maybe the ancient Mayans did prophesise some of this for 2012..certainly Nostrodamus ‘tuned” in to a lot of it! In any case. the Earthly plane has been seriously corrupted by ‘evil’ spirits ( Satan/ Jinns/Demons )..We must either return back to the more Godly 1970s. of monogamy/patriarchy/ predominantly MONOcultural citizens and decency. .or enter THE NEW DARK AGE AS SCHILLER INSTITUTE REVEALS.. A physical and spiritual darkness of animalistic, violence and depravity! REFER : THE ORIGINS OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS Part 1/2/3..that exposes the Marxist communist goals for White countries and then the world. We must all return to the early 1970s or go the way of the Mayans! ALL///ALL//of us! Hey ‘ Happy’ New Year….is the baseball on the Telly? ” Hey, now what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down?” It is a lack of WILL. What’s going down? Just your life Jim—-.as you”ve known it……if you vote for or choose THE BEAST.! Choose GOD.

    • snoremonster says:

      well Andre – I dont know where to begin… but I do think with 7 billion mostly not white humans on the planet that it’s going to get really ugly.
      the only third world aid I support is involuntary mandatory irreversible sterilization for all over populated third world countries….

      • Andre says:

        Have you read The TIM WISE..WHITE HATING LETTER? He says something like ‘tick tock” your time is up Whiteman……clock and heart stops. Ram Paul did a parody on it replacing the word “Whiteman” with ‘Jew.’ If you threatened Jews with genocide in that way..it would be a ‘hate crime and imprisonment’. Many sites say that Tim Wise is Jewish. He should know better. Surely people can see that the third world is deliberately being let in to topple White man’s hegemony or political-economic dominance worldwide! The ignorant third worlders assume THEY will get ALL the stuff and things that will be ripped off the Whiteman…THEY won’t of course. Only Communist oligarchies get the money and stuff (land and assets.) No one will join with us to stop this White genocide…..the only hope is White unity and non-production, non-consuming…non-co operation and prayer. The Third Worlders equate to about 6 BILLION..the image of 6 billion going for 1 billion is daunting….about the same odds as AGINCOURT. You would have to somehow persuade the homosexual ‘men’ out of their high-heel shoes to help make up the 1 billion needed in the defence units No strutting your exposed buttocks under Islamic rule! Then again a type of victorious iIluminati-type VICTOR might make sodomy and paedophilia and sexual depravity a pre-requisite for a Communist-style State handout! Either way the ANTICHRIST is certainly going to be ANTICHRISTian. By the way HEIGHTS = HEAVEN (see above). I forgot to say the Bible says the Beast will rise from the sea and Indonesia rose from the sea after volcanic action…a statue is erected there of Obama because he went to school there..Indonesian schools are mostly Muslim. Another ‘coincidence’ ?.Maybe ..maybe not… but where are the ten heads and horns? I know Saddam Hussein used multiple look-alikes (many ‘heads’) for security purposes..at a pinch a ‘horn’ could be a hands- free cellphone attached to the head. Just imagining!!! The lion referred to? It could be a symbol of British Royalty! Please read TIM WISE’S HATE LETTER TO ALL WHITES.

  2. Andre says:

    Did you know that Leon Trotsky’s real name was (Jewish)— Davidovich Bronstein— who coined the weasel word RACIST. PIG TROT is described in Metapedia and the great STORMFRONT as a ‘mass murderer, who was Europhobic’ and called Whites ‘Teutonic Jackasses’. He was an ugly git with glasses. A ‘ co-racialist’ (also an ugly-looking Jew) was a rat called MAGNUS HIRSCHFIELD–described by Metapedia as a ‘sexual Bolshevik’ (AKA sex pervert/Sodomite/ It wrote in Berlin in the 1930s a book entitled—–” RACISM.” DHAA!. He expanded Trotsky’s ideas of how ONLY Whites can be racist!!! The cowardly, brainwashed Whites do not speak out because they are afraid someone will call them a ..shock..gasp ”RAY CYST.name. I say let them…. Here let me do it for you. I AM a racist. Got that? You make me RACIST..got that?. Each time you, rob, beat, scam, rape, slit open the necks of Whites, including babies, smash them up, torture them with irons and mutilate their genitals and burn them alive..I BECOME MORE AND MORE RACIST. Google: NONE DARE CALL IT GENOCIDE OR SOUTH AFRICA AFTER APARTHEID or BLACKS RAPE MORE THAN 25,000 White girls every year in the USA !!!EVERY YEAR…yet, Obama and UK Cameron/Clegg pour them in..violent, animalistic, illiterate retards from Mexico/Africa/Middle East. with a GOTTA GET WHITEY MENTALITY> The Bible calls it A TAKEOVER SPIRIT .Incidentally I see Obama not only turned his back on the flag, and anthem but he refuses to wear the USA flag pin..that REBEL side again!!! .The current world ‘Leaders’ including UN and EU want WHITE GENOCIDE WORLD-WIDE BECAUSE WE ARE SOOOOO PRIVILEGED..apparently. We DONT Share….WHAT? Hey what about the tax for the fatherless babies, the ‘anchor babies’ ‘unemployed’ the” POOR”, the minorities like Sodomites. the aid money and supplies to AFRICA? BullCrap you feeble-minded demons, Bull crap! Check out the Jew-inspired FRANKFURT SCHOOL AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Dim-Tim unWISE is just another ugly CLIP COCK, as The Power OF ONE describes a Jew. Wise who has a tick-tocking bomb of jealous rage about to blow up into its ugly face. God-loving Jews despise Wise. He is the kind who incites nations to the point where they crack and retaliate back with pogroms and expulsions..understandably. These Marxist Demons also threaten the lives of modest Jews. These Jinns do not seek ‘equality for all’ (impossible anyway) –they want personal power..money and sex power.

  3. Andre says:

    You might find hillbuzz.org intriquing especially on Man Country Club (‘gay’) and Obama.///also hillbuzz.org on Marxist teachings in Chicago schools (the indoctrination starts young!!)

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