Oregon Employers Steal over Seven Million in Stimulus Money to Hire Illegal Aliens

Oregon Employers Steal over Seven Million in Stimulus Money to Hire Illegal Aliens

it was predicted two years ago this would happen .Everify is  vitrually never used , Oregon   government looks the other way – Indeed, Obama gave work permits to 300,000 illegal aliens who would have been deported just this August and the media ignored it.



Stimulus funds paid foreign workers in Oregon


 Oregon Employers admit they made no attempt to Hire Legal Americans living In Oregon. They wanted Mexicans

Associated Press

Posted on October 21,


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A federal investigation found that at least $7 million in federal stimulus money intended to provide jobs for unemployed Oregonians instead paid wages to 254 foreign workers.

The Oregonian reports (http://bit.ly/qIcQRW ) the

money went for forest cleanup jobs in central Oregon in 2009 when unemployment was over 11 percent.

Contractors told federal regulators they could not find enough local workers for the jobs and brought in foreign workers. ( liars and theives and they should be required to pay back the money out of the liquidation of all their assets ,including the family dog. I know a woman here in Oregon who hired a tree planter who showed up with six illegal mexicans. That’s how it works in Oregon)

slimebucket Obama approves of illegals stealing our jobs Obama hates Americans


A report this week from the Labor Department’s inspector general found the contractors used legal loopholes but violated no laws or regulations.

in the meantime Michelle dances while spending billions on clothes parties and travel


Congressman Peter DeFazio who asked for the investigation says it’s “obscene that U.S. companies were rewarded for abusing our American workers and immigration laws to undercut competition and squeeze more profits out of contracts.”

Sleazy Merkely has no comment He couldn't be bothered with Legal Americans


Information from: The Oregonian, http://www.oregonlive

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