Stop the California Dream Act

Stop the California Dream Act
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Fighting to Save California
Dream Act is the Camel’s Nose — October 3   

“I got five thousand emails in the first 48 hours after announcing this referendum. Thirty-five percent of those people – we did some polling – were Hispanic.” Watch News Conference

Dream Act may be a mirage
    Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 131, the second half of the so-called “DREAM Act.” Despite its name, it offers little more than a mirage to the students it promises to help and a nightmare to the citizens whose hard-earned dollars will be used to fund it. […]
    California’s UC and CSU systems are currently facing the most drastic budget cuts that we have seen in a generation — more than $1 billion. At the same time, the state is hiking tuition rates on all students by 10 to 12 percent while students compete in lotteries to get enough classes to graduate.
    As citizens continue to struggle through what may come to be known as the Second Great Depression, it is an insult to every California citizen who subsidizes the university system to pass this fiscal nightmare.
    The state has told students that it does not have adequate funds to pay for enough classes so they can graduate in four years. Now, California is even actively recruiting out-of-state students to help fill the education budget gap. Still, the Legislature purports to have miraculously found $40 million to fund the dreams of these illegal students, on top of offering them in-state tuition rates.

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