Occupy Portland : Reid Parham Trashes Tea Party People and Victoria Taft

 gosh Reid I thought the Tea Party and Victoria Taft were part of the 99 percent you say you speak for? Why aren’t you targeting the One Percent who just gave Obama of the One Percent millions so he could screw up for four more years?



The occupation’s website and its information tent keep lists of needs. Somone drops off bales of hay to put down on the ground to soak up moisture. A separate tent serves as a community closet with donated clothes, shoes and blankets. Voodoo Doughnuts delivers several dozen donuts every day. Donated chain-link fencing surrounds a donated generator at the southeast corner of Chapman Square.

Reid Parham, who volunteers to talk with reporters for Occupy Portland, said Friday that people have brought pots of hot soup and stew “straight from the gardens and kitchens of the city.” Many avid knitters have dropped off their handmade goods, too.

But Parham said some donors have felt a backlash from giving aid and comfort to Occupy Portland.

Many conversations of community support end up devolving into meta conversations about unions this, Astroturf that,” he said. “Revealing this information also provides angry Tea Partiers like (local radio talk-show host) Victoria Taft with a list of businesses, organizations and people to speak poorly about or call and threaten silly boycotts.”


Labor unions have been renting portable toilets for the occupation, for example, but Parham said seven of nine toilet providers in the area now will not deliver to the encampment.

The difficulty that such plenty engenders, however, is playing out in the fact that “a lot of people here are the same people the patrol officers have seen before in doorways and in the streets,” Reese said during his walk Friday.

He met with a group of Occupy Portland people about the challenges of managing an outdoor concentration of physically and mentally ill people.

He also had a telephone conference call with police chiefs in other cities with Occupy camps, including Oakland, Calif., where police and protesters have clashed in the past 10 days.

“Nobody’s really got a clue about how it’s going to end,” Reese said.

About 500 people have been living in the two downtown Portland squares since Oct. 6. A large minority is driven by the philosophy of the Occupy Wall Street movement, to protest the nation’s economic disparities and the impact of corporate money in politics. They are doing the work of the camp’s three dozen committees and its daily general assembly, the decision-making body.

But an as-yet undetermined number of the campers are motivated less by the political message than by the reality that their needs are being met, with a space to sleep in shelter that police patrol around the clock, hot food and access to bathrooms

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