In Minnosota Illegal Aliens Are Leaving due to Police Checks – To Arcadia Wisconsin Ashley Furniture Factory

Hey Oregon Police-Portland Police Chief  Mike Reese  It’s about time you start checking immigration Papers too!

Evidence in Minnesota that Attrition Through Enforcement is Working Friday, November 11, 2011, 8:02 AM EST – —  A new report from a Minnesota newspaper, the Austin Daily Herald, shows that enforcement measures taken at the local level are indeed reversing illegal immigration trends. A combination of factors, including police checking immigration status to businesses scrutinizing documents more during the hiring process, illegal aliens are finding it harder and harder to live in the state and are repatriating to their home countries. Business owner Walter Schwartz, the subject of the newspaper’s report, is helping illegal aliens return to their homes. “I take them all the way to wherever they tell me to take them,” Schwartz told the paper. “Mainly I’m taking families to be reunited.” Schwartz has helped illegal aliens leave the country for a number of years, but he says he’s seen a spike this year with the spike in enforcement. He says he helps transport 3-4 families per month.

 The police crackdown near Austin, Minn. involves document forgery. According to police records, Austin police arrested 100 people for document forgery in 2010 up from 75 in 2009.

The Austin Daily Herald reports: “There are rumors people are losing their jobs at local plants as well, due to increased hiring scrutiny amid federal immigration programs.

 Displaced workers who fear being fired and/or deported are going to Arcadia, Wis., to work for the Ashley Furniture plant (ICE RAID ICE RAID)or to Postville, Iowa, or St. Joseph, Mo., to work at other meat processing plants.” For more information, see the Austin Daily Herald

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