Mexican Goodwill Employee Busted Robbing Goodwill of Hillsboro Jason Baca of Cornelius,

Mexican Goodwill Employee Busted Robbing Goodwill of Hillsboro Jason Baca of Cornelius

Detectives recover Thousands of Dollars of Stolen Goodwill Donations .. but Goodwill won’t hire Legal Non Hispanic Americans because they don’t speak Spanish

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 11/17/11



Summary of Event

Today Sheriff’s detectives arrested a Goodwill employee for stealing thousands of dollars worth of donations from the charity. Detectives have been working on this case since they were alerted to the thefts by Goodwill Industries in July.

Full Details

On Thursday, November 17, 2011, Sheriff’s detectives arrested their primary suspect in a case where thousands of dollars worth of donations were being stolen from Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette (Goodwill).

In July of this year Goodwill contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that they suspected at least one employee who was stealing from them. They received a tip from a concerned citizen who had information regarding the thefts. With that information Goodwill hired a private investigator who developed additional information about the thefts. At that time Goodwill officials turned over their investigation to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s detectives from the Property Crimes Unit began investigating the thefts. They started with their primary suspect, 34-year-old Jason Baca of Cornelius, a driver for Goodwill. Mr. Baca was responsible for picking up deliveries from various Goodwill drop-off sites around the Metro area. He would sort through the donations and steal what he wanted. Most of the stolen donations were taken to his house where he either used the items for himself or sold them.

While Mr. Baca stole thousands of donations from his pick up routes, he seemed to have an affinity for DVD’s, CD’s, Video Games, and other electronics including large flat-screen TV’s.

When Mr. Baca was arrested, he admitted to many of the thefts and consented to allowing detectives in his Cornelius house to recover a large amount of stolen property. Detectives and members of the Sheriff’s Forensic Sciences Unit recovered thousands of DVD’s, CD’s, and video games from the house, along with hundreds of shoes. They also found approximately ten big screen TV’s. There was so much property that Goodwill donated the use of a tractor-trailer rig for detectives to move the evidence to a secure holding area.

Sheriff’s detectives identified several additional suspects during the investigation and are continuing to gather evidence in the case. Of all the suspects, at least three are current or former employees of Goodwill Industries. Additional arrests are expected.

Mr. Baca was lodged in the Washington County Jail on charges of Aggravated Theft I.

Detectives working on this case said that the cooperation with Goodwill Industries was a crucial part of the investigation and they were very impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by the administrative personnel they interacted with at the charity.

Attached Media Files: 2011-11/1128/49432/PR_111117_Goodwill_Industries_Thefts.pdf , 2011-11/1128/49432/IMG_3271_resize.jpg , 2011-11/1128/49432/IMG_3254_resize.jpg , 2011-11/1128/49432/IMG_3290_resize.jpg , 2011-11/1128/49432/BACAJASON_M.jpg

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2 Responses to Mexican Goodwill Employee Busted Robbing Goodwill of Hillsboro Jason Baca of Cornelius,

  1. Sarah says:

    This comes as no surprise. The Goodwill stores here in Oregon are totally corrupt. If you are white, you are treated like sh*t by the managers. If you’re a mexican, they kiss your *ss. Case in point- the mexicans are allowed to scan merchandise with portable scanners. They push, shove, and take things right out of your hands. Their kids sit right in the middle of the aisles playing with toys….they break them….and toss them aside. I’ve even seen Mexican mothers put crappy diapers in the bins so they don’t have to take the time to change their anchor babies in the restrooms! If you are white- you’ll get thrown out and banned for doing stuff like this! Mexicans get away with murder there because they’re allowed to!

    Another case- my friend saw a large item she wanted to buy. It was priced at $30. She came back half an hour later with a bigger vehicle so she could buy it. Low and behold, it had 5 new stickers on it….$100, $90, $70, $60, $50. When we were leaving about an hour later, we watched as an employee loaded it into his own personal vehicle and drove off with it! He changed the price to make it unattractive to her, so he could “save” it for himself. Waddaya wanna bet the price “changed” again when he bought it?

    • snoremonster says:

      Sarah Thank you for posting what you did because I know it’s the truth from my own experience. I quit donating to the goodwill years ago. I recommend William temple house in Portland if you need to donate. Goodwill also puts out of business the decent mom and pop stores that dont cater to illegal mexicans.
      carlos reynaud and pedro reynaud Erazo two out of millions of illegal lowlifes the Goodwill caters to. What happens when the rich white people are there to donate to the Mexicans anymore?

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