Mexican Mug Shots Here! Illegal Alien From Mexico Robs Americans In Beaverton REYES-OSTORGAIVAN_BLADIMIR

Serial Burglar Arrested by Detectives

Mexican Mug Shots Here!  Illegal Alien From Mexico Robs Americans In Beaverton REYES-OSTORGAIVAN_BLADIMIR

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 11/17/11



Summary of Event

Yesterday, Sheriff’s Detectives arrested a 30-year-old man for a string a burglaries in the Beaverton area. The rash of burglaries started in early October and consisted of at least nine burglaries in the last month and a half.

Full Details

In mid October, Sheriff’s detectives became aware of a series of burglaries centered around the Fairfield area of unincorporated Washington County, near the City of Beaverton. A pattern emerged in the way the suspect was committing the burglaries, and Detectives suspected that they had a serial burglar operating in the area. The burglar forced entry into homes through a door or a window, the incidents occurred during the day, and the suspect mainly stole electronics and jewelry from the homes.

As the burglaries in the area continued, the Sheriff’s Office committed extra resources to identifying the suspect. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Forensic Science Unit, along with deputies and detectives investigated each new burglary and eventually identified a possible suspect. Ivan Reyes-Ostorga, 30-years-old who lives near by, became their primary suspect.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, detectives arrested Mr. Reyes-Ostorga at his apartment located at 12340 SW Center Street. ( this  is a Mexican Illegal stronghold and the manager is an illegal alien from Mexico)

Mr. Reyes-Ostorga was booked into the Washington County Jail on nine counts of Burglary in the First Degree. He also has an ICE hold placed on him.

Sheriff’s detectives are continuing to investigate the burglaries, they suspect Mr. Reyes-Ostorga may be responsible for more burglaries in the area. Anyone with information regarding this string of burglaries is encouraged to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Division.

Attached Media Files:2011-11/1128/49416/PR_111116_Burglaries_in_the_Fairfield_Neighborhood.pdf , 2011-11/1128/49416/REYES-OSTORGAIVAN_BLADIMIR.jpg

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