Warning: Oregon is Occupied by Illegal Aliens :Occupy Portland lets revolt against Illegal aliens.

Please report suspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities okay I wll call ICE right now , or maybe the Justice Department who will invesitigate why anyone dares talk about illegal aliens in Oregon

Occupy Portland lets revolt against Illegal aliens. 

 it’s unlikely they are that intelligent, after all you can get lynched in Portland if you say there are even illegal aliens in the State , they aren’t mexicans, they are Latinos with machetes.The city of portland attended the funeral of a black mexican in the surenos gang, murdered by his illegal alien gang members. No one even raised an eye-brow. He was a nasty violent little criminal and he is now adored by mayor Sam Adams because he is brown skinned and illegal.

Date: 2011-11-20, 10:35AM PST
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Why are you not going after illegal aliens. Big business wants them here to lower wages and more profits for big business. Don’t tell me I am racist, I am not going after any race, just illegal aliens period who choose to invade our Country. Big business loves them for profit, start going after them on illegal aliens.

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    illegal mexicans in oregon are drug dealers for the cartel



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