Update! Mexican Breeder Female Refuses to talk to LAPD Is NOT Arrested for Walmart Pepper Spray Attack California Hispanic Attack ! Mexican Wal-Mart pepper-spraying: it’s a Mexican Female Breeder !



Smart Mexican No Talkee Police


No arrest – of course not, it’s hard for Mexicans to be arrested in California- suburb of the Mexican Drug Cartel

Funny Comments

Is that Porter Ranch or Tijuana?


What is wrong with you people? It was a PERSON, not black, brown,white, etc.

Can you not see beyond color? We are all more alike than different. Shame on you.

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Certain ones act more like animals than others.

She’s more than 140 pounds.

Everyday Guy

140 pounds? Not a chance…that is a heavyweight BMW_Big Mexican Woman.

What kind of parent would hurt other people for a video game for their child? How disgusting.


I guess this is the daily story describing the accomplishments of the “culture” that enriches us go greatly and her offspring will produce the next generation of doctors, engineers and scientists that will catapult America into the next Renaissance.

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Wal-Mart pepper-spraying: LAPD releases description of suspect: it’s a Mexican Female Breeder ! More on the Breakdown of California Hispanically Speaking. Did anyone notice that the crowd does not in any way look white or American? The “latina whore ” even maced children. Hispanic family values again.

Based on the description they released, it appears that the perp is Villaraigosa: a short, crazy, beanfart woman.


macnerd74 at 6:44 PM November 25, 2011

This is what happens when you turn America into Mexico. It’s called a HisPanic Attack to take whatever you can get. Next thing you know, they will be protesting to take your tax payer dollars to pay for illegals college.

I knew as soon as I heard the news that it would be either a  Black woman or some non-white ethnic immigant or illegal alien. And its a Mexican – My God ,they are so hardworking – she managed to pepper spray her own people cause there sure were hardly any white people at that wal mart. Due to Overpopulation and exceesive immigration; the US has entered the era of Mob Rule.


Los Angeles police gave a fuller description Friday of the woman who pepper-sprayed fellow shoppers at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart, apparently in an effort to gain a competitive edge during a Thanksgiving night “Black Friday” sale on video-game consoles.
Police described the woman as a Latina, Mexican Breeder in her early to late 30s, wearing black pants and a black sweater during the late Thursday night assault. LAPD Det. Gus Villanueva said the woman stands about 5-foot-3 and weighs about 140 pounds.
Although more people may have been affected, 10 customers were treated at the scene by city firefighters, he said. Witnesses said the woman was bent on nabbing an Xbox game console, which was one of the Black Friday specials at the store.
There were reports that the woman managed to buy one of the consoles, and Villanueva said LAPD detectives were reviewing video surveillance and receipts in an effort to identify the suspect.
“Crowds like this, a panic can ensue, people could fall and be trampled on if people are stampeding in an effort to get away from this,” Villanueva said Friday afternoon. “I know there’s tough economic times for some and sales are great, but in the spirit of the season let’s exercise some patience at these sales events. We don’t want anyone to be injured.”
North Hills residents Sue McManus, 48, a consulting firm conference coordinator, and her husband, Danny, 49, a movie makeup assistant, were at the Porter Ranch store when the pepper-spray incident happened.
They were there for a 40-inch Samsung LCD TV marked down from $698 to $598. Danny McManus said “people were flying and pushing past us” in the health and beauty section because the electronics section was so crowded. The couple decided to leave when his eyes started getting irritated.
“I’m not putting up with pepper spray for one TV,” he said. “There wasn’t a place in the store where you couldn’t smell the stuff. … It was a gnarly, burning smell.”
Villanueva said anyone with information on the incident is asked to call detectives at (818) 832-0609.




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