Letter to the Home Secretary regarding Emma West Victimized by British Police and Insane British Immigration Policies

 from Sarah Maid of Albion-seems to me that England is more Lord of the Flies then Lord of the Rings.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Letter to the Home Secretary regarding Emma West


From: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Theresa May, Home Secretary
Re: The Arrest of Miss Emma West
Date: 2nd December 2011

Dear Home Secretary

I am writing to you to protest the outrageous arrest of Miss Emma West on a charge of allegedly racially abusing Poles and various non-white immigrants. I have to say that I found the video very distressing. It was yet another reminder of the kind of changes that immigrants have inflicted on England. To live in the south-east of England, to have to endure day in and day out the unwelcome presence of millions of non-white immigrants must eventually exact its toll on a member of the white indigenous population. Close and unavoidable contact with blacks is psychologically stressful, culturally repellent, disorientating and often very dangerous. There are no advantages whatsoever, just problems.

There comes a time when a person just cannot take any more. Every day on the BBC and the other monopoly stream media people are told that diversity is a wonderful gift; that immigrants enrich us and so on, ad nauseam. The reality is somewhat different. Immigration is destroying our country and in the process people like Emma West and millions of other white people are being racially, culturally and physically dispossessed and turned into a cowed minority in their own country. Emma West had enough: she speaks for millions of white people.

I cannot see anything in the video that would justify her being arrested. I conclude therefore that the arrest of Emma West was motivated by political expediency and maliciousness. The aim of her arrest was to cow other whites into silence so that they will not speak out against what is happening to England.

Jeremy Hardy (BBC) demands that people who voted for the BNP be executed; Cameron incites hatred and violence towards Nick Griffin MEP by publicly referring to him as ‘a ghastly piece of filth’ and Clarkson says that public sector workers should be executed in front of their families. Clarkson was only being ‘silly’. Is that what Cameron said? And what happens when a young mother speaks for England? You send the useless police, the same cowards who were too frightened to deal with black immigrant rioters in August, to arrest her. Meanwhile the immigrants keep swarming into England, pushing us aside, mocking us and living off the wealth of another nation. And if an Englishwoman protests in language that might be inappropriate in a university seminar (unless you are black and from the hood of course) but summarises the problem in brutally plain English, she is treated as if she is a monster.

Emma West has a son. Her son has been stolen from her. If he suffers any harm from paedophiles, perverts, blacks who hate whites, immigrant doctors who can just about walk and talk – not necessarily decent English – at the same time, you will be responsible. Emma West must be released immediately, reunited with her family and left in peace. Then you can give the order to expel the immigrants. I want my England, my Motherland back. Get on with it.

Frank Ellis


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