Update Jailed without bail till Jan 3rd :Emma West London Tram Girl Held without Bail in Orwellian England : Frances Lockhart Gerald Ellis are her Jailors Deport Kelly Hollingsworth



Mum arrested over My Tram Experience YouTube video locked up for “own protection” Bullshit – locked up to make an example of her. if she was a black immigrant , they would be rioting now over this.

kelly hollingsworth is happy Emma is in Jail cause now her kids will be safe

by Ryan Parry, Daily Mirror 30/11/2011

My Tram Experience (Pic:YouTube)My Tram Experience (Pic:YouTube)

A MUM was kept in custody for her own safety yesterday after a video allegedly showing her launching a racist rant was posted online.

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Emma West, 34, appeared in court charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence. Magistrates denied her bail over fears of revenge attacks.

The clip shows a woman with a child sitting on her lap on a tram shouting at other passengers. At one point she declares they should go back to their own country, saying they’re not British because they are black.

Racist Rant on the Croydon Tram link

Racist Rant on the Croydon Tram link

The clip, which appears to have been taken on a mobile phone, was posted on YouTube by   a Black Woman named Kelly Hollingsworth, who tweeted ” at least her kids are safe now ” and has been watched by millions.

Frances Lockhart, prosecuting, told magistrates in Croydon, South London, she opposed bail. She said: “There are grounds for believing that Miss West is not safe.”

David Ewings, defending, said West would be in just as much danger in prison.

But chief magistrate Gerald Ellis refused to release West. He said: “We hear a number of death threats have been made.”

Emma  West  of Croydon, will reappear at the court on Tuesday

 If this isnt 1984 double talk , I dont know what is. The Police caused the witch hunt by asking people to turn her in and then they lock her up, take away her two children, make her take pysch tests, simply for arguing with a Fat Racist Black Female on the tram.. If her attorney is a typical public defender she is screwed. Kelly l remains at large, as does the black woman who made the racist remark that ” blacks have to take the jobs because [white] Britons won’t work

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/11/30/mum-arrested-over-my-tram-experience-youtube-video-locked-up-for-own-protection-115875-23598452/#ixzz1fa1Hkt7O

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7 Responses to Update Jailed without bail till Jan 3rd :Emma West London Tram Girl Held without Bail in Orwellian England : Frances Lockhart Gerald Ellis are her Jailors Deport Kelly Hollingsworth

  1. D., M., B. and C.Riley says:

    White English people have no rights anymore. Emma West is so right with what she said.
    She spoke the truth and stated facts: Outside of her and her child were hardly any white people on the tram. And yes, the blacks were making lots of racist remarks and even threatened to hit her.
    the black guy behind her wanted to hit her! Imagine, she had her toddler on her lap.
    FREE EMMA WEST NOW !!!! CHARGES HAVE TO BE WITHDRAWN ! SHE HAS TO BE COMPENSATED FOR HER SUFFERING IN PRISON HELL. She will be in danger there because most of the prisoners in the UK are Blacks from the Caribbean and from the UK.
    She should be released and given police
    protection round the clock.

    • snoremonster says:

      for sure white native english have no rights. I wouldnt be surprised if they were all forced off the island so the pakis and hindus and blacks could duke it out for ownership. It has happened before in history many many times.
      The time for being really polite is gone in the west. snip snip snip

    • Hinda says:

      As an American, I am watching what is going on in the UK as I fear the same will be happening here under Barry Soreto aka Barack Obama. Our rights as individuals have been attacked and slowly diminished. Our children are being taught a whitewashed version of history making the enemies looking more innocent than guilty.

      I question the validity of the video and to the motives of the author of the video. Why didn’t she ask Ms. West to calm down as she was upsetting her child? Usually a rational person would have done that. But in my view, the author of the video is the culprit making the victim (Ms. West) to look like a lunatic. Sadly, however, I am seeing more of this going on in the UK.

      Whatever happened to the soul of the UK? If this was the mentality over 65 years ago, Hitler would have won. Please UK take your medicine. Stop appeasing the enemy that is now within. It’s not the Jews. It’s the Galloways, Livingstones, Choudreys, Ahmeds. It’s the appeasers who would gladly have seen the country flying a Nazi flag than the Union Jack. Many Brits did not die in vain for this to happen. My father of blessed memory was a Normandy Vet who was stationed in the UK prior to going over. He spoke of how the people were very patriotic to their country and to their allies even if we were late in entering. Today, vets are spat upon, those who hate the UK with a passion march and claim all British soldiers should return in caskets and that is not hate speech? I’m sorry – I fail to see how that is NOT but a woman who was clearly upset over something is. And even losing her job and her children.

      That is simply not “cricket”.

  2. Andre says:

    Apparently some ‘enricher’ spat at Emma’s feet. Don’t you find it suspicious that the HollinsWHORETH that filmed it had its camera out and ready and thrust inches from the floor at the hoik point before it rudely thrust it into Emma’s son’s face? “Don’t wind me up,’ Emma was heard to plead at the beginning of the full video recording! Camera..all ready to go, eh? Poor beautiful Emma..put into prison because of HOLELING UNWORTH> Man, this incarceration has woken up so many brainwashed sheep.

    • snoremonster says:

      hi Andre _ I posted what you wrote because it could well be true. Once , while riding the bus in the US, a black male spat on me through an open window and with hate called me Blue Eyes.

  3. Hinda says:

    Andre, do you really think so? Will there be a civil war in the UK due to this and other transgressions against the Native Brit? I wonder. I read other things that are so preposterous that I really wonder if I am reading about Britain as a whole or some other appeasing country such as France has been known to be.

    I just hope that this won’t be a hate fest that the neo-Nazis/KKK and their kin would enjoy doing. Here in the states, we are gearing up for an election year to get rid of the illegal in office and hoping to get someone with a backbone in to undo what the illegal and his cronies have done for the last 3+ years. Plus to undo what the two predecessors and their appeasers have done. Many of us want Colonel West to run for President but so far he’s not. So Newt is the one – with John Bolton as the Sec of State. Its still early, however,

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