Gang rape of Pro Immigrant Swedish Woman by 10 Male Not European Immigrant asylym seekers

 It’s not their fault it’s their culture, they are all victims of PTSS and just need to spend more time with Nice Swedish Girls and then they won’t need to gang-rape any more.  How’s multiculturism working for you , Sweden?

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One Response to Gang rape of Pro Immigrant Swedish Woman by 10 Male Not European Immigrant asylym seekers

  1. Andre says:

    It is just negligent of parents not to teach their young people the following things: We are not all the same so be vigilant around strangers. A leopard does not change its spots. You cannot make a purse out of a sow’s ear. ‘Judge not least thee be judged’ is misinterpreted. It means. that if you don’t judge others then you, yourself, willl be judged either to be a fool, sucker or a person with no discernment. Judges judge. You judge whenever you decide to cross a busy street. JUDGE. is expected of adults>>>even if it is a harsh judgement and even if bullies and dictators get annoyed with you. ‘The meek shall inherit the Earth’ true…they will… 6 feet of it if they are Judged by predators to be meek or teach your child to judge and how to do a a martial art and how to use a gun. ‘Foreign’ means ‘different’ and unknown=possibly and even probably dangerous so…. reject them or stay away! “We are all of the Human race’ does not mean a biped (although technically homoerectus) is (HU=GOD). Human.(God man).. or that a King Charles spaniel is the same as a pitball terrier…even though they are both DOGS. Finally:’ Do not cast pearl before swine’…you are wasting your time because boars (swine) can rip you apart. I shudder to the core for this sweet, trusting. young girl full of compassion, goodness and trust. I pray she has not contracted a life-threatening disease or a pregnancy from those Black, vicious Demon rapist filth.. I hope she receives much kindness and support for her body, mind, heart and soul…White people are experts at offering that. Please White do not OWE Non Whites anything. David Yeagley is a USA psychologist and Great-Great Grandfather of Commanche leader Bald Eagle. He said that many like him respected the warrior inside of White man and he would rather be beaten and have their tribal land taken by Whites than by his hate-filled Muslim/Black neighbours living near him in the USA> I will not stand by and have them take over the UK or other White countries either!. In 1831 Thirteen Maori Chiefs asked KIng William IV to annex New Zealand because 40,000 Maori had been slaughtered by Maori 15 to 20 years BEFORE the British colonised that that time, the British declined. Later many of these ferocious warrior Maori (Kupapa) friendly Maori fought WITH and FOR the British AGAINST enemy Maori tribes. They were stunned by the quiet, deadly TE RIRI PAKEHA.deadly efficient, snake-like cold angry of the British! The Maori were respected as great warriors and they made slaves of defeated enemy tribal members (tutua) and killed them at will.. Arabs (Muslims) ALWAYS sold Blacks into slavery. The Black Chiefs sold their own Black people into slavery. Those chiefs made a fortune out of the Arabs and White man. Australia was built on the back of WHITE slaves (poor working Class British)…read historian/journalist JOHN PILGER—A SECRET COUNTRY..those WHITES are not hate-filled demons blaming and cursing even though they were packed into ships, starved, put into chains, whipped and flogged, raped and made to do physical hard labour (roads/buildings) for 7 to 15 years..until they got their freedom papers. China and India have indentured workers or ‘slaves’ even today. Some of those girls in clothing factories, for example, only earn $2 a day! No welfare cheques there!! Stop this unnecessary guilt White people. It is rubbish.. It is propaganda that we forced our way into countries , stole the riches and destroyed ‘idyllic’ cultures….Those were vicious lands (many still are) full of disease, tribal warfare, with stone-age knowledge, and a life expectancy of 38 to 40 years maximum. All this revisionist history is pushed by the Marxist communists to TRY to destroy The White man who is the moral one and can challenge the world-wide communism proposed.. The Black people and the Muslims will certainly be doomed then also…They are too thick and hatefilled and racist to see that possibility or that they could be existing in slavery rather than living freely in a democracy. Now I do not care about their survival. They can go back to Hell and they can those Demon Marxist communists with them.

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