Kelly Hollingsworth : Black Faux Brit Shafts Native Emma West

  Kelly is sending out twitters about “LOL I just Love Beyonce” while Emma is in Jail. Know thine enemy. This is what you can expect from those who come to your country and take it over for their own ugly ends

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1 Response to Kelly Hollingsworth : Black Faux Brit Shafts Native Emma West

  1. Andre says:

    Idiot, sexually perverse ‘warblers’ who gyrate half naked, like Beyonce, (Bay once) don’t even know their music instruments are played in the Satanic,low chakra tonal pitch A-440 …appealing to base instincts and violence. I doubt Kelly Hollingsworth would know that becuse it has nothing to do but set up White woman and listen to Hip Shit music and cRAP like Beeyouse dishes out. Emma West would have heard gentle,classical European and English church music and Gregorian chants song in the heavenly 528 pitch…..not the revivalist, screeching emotional circus noise heard in Black churches! Tthe Marxists in the filth music trade want to pull our young into the pits of hell. Aleister Crowley an evil, sexually depraved Satanist was on the cover of the Beatles album..Sergeant Pepper (top left-hand)…all the A440 pitch, sex lyrics and horrible symbolism started with the Beatles..followed by the Rolling Stones. This is fact folks. . Jazz came out of the brothels of New Orleans also. Could that partly explain the sexual promiscuity of Blacks and their lack of morality?

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