Treason By Obama_ President sets up Hotline for illegal aliens detained by Police- Federal Governement Betrays US citizens for Illegal aliens again

OBAMA launches hotline to go after Law Enforment Officers who violate Illegal Immigrants Civil Rights

. seriously  its anyone but Obama for President – maybe the world will end this year with Obama’s help

It looks like law enforcement will soon have to deal with the DOJ as ICE launches a hotline to go after State & Local Law enforcement who violate an illegal immigrants civil rights

Yep the agency that’s purpose is to deport illegals is now in the business of helping them stay in the country.

[link to]    from blog unlawful revolution

Obama launches Hotline to help Illegal Immigrants fight extradition

Obama Immigration ICEThe Obama administration is doing everything they can to limit states rights to enforce immigration laws. From last weeks move to stop an Arizona Sheriff from deporting illegal immigrants to DHS collecting a list of bloggers who mention immigration issues to their new immigration help hotline, the Obama administration is ramping up efforts to get as many illegal votes as possible in next years election.

In their latest attempt to subvert the constitution, The Obama administration has started a hotline for Illegal Immigrants. The hotline, run by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), is a Free 24/7 hotline to help Illegal Immigrants who have been detained by state or local law enforcement find help to fight their charges. The hotline will be staffed by ICE personnel and will also provide directions for people who think they may have a civil rights or civil liberties complaint regarding law enforcement activities.

So let me get this straight, the agency that was set up to track and deport people who are here illegally is now going to help them? And when did it become a civil rights issues?

I guess state and local law enforcement officers better get some good legal advice because it won’t be long before the Department of Justice comes after them with  trumped up charges claiming civil rights abuses.

The full Press Release from ICE can be seen here.

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