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Ron Paul & Obama get F Grades On Immigration: Romney will Deport Obama’s Illegal Uncle

http://www.numbersusa.com/content/news/december-22-2011/romney-says-hed-deport-pres-obamas-uncle.html    Yes, I know Ron Paul has ” glamour” or magic cast upon him, just as Obama did four years ago. It is an illusion. Ron Paul, still has an F on Immigration.  Go to Numbersusa and look up … Continue reading

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Seattle to Portland Oregon I-5 Interstate Jammed with Foreign Nationals Largest “immigration” in United States History

see numbersusa and american patrol for details on the largest Invasion ..er I mean Immigration – essentially all Illegal , in the history of my former country  the United States,.  In any case, driving 1-5 to Seattle from Portland used … Continue reading

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