Seattle to Portland Oregon I-5 Interstate Jammed with Foreign Nationals Largest “immigration” in United States History

see numbersusa and american patrol for details on the largest Invasion I mean Immigration – essentially all Illegal , in the history of my former country  the United States,.

 In any case, driving 1-5 to Seattle from Portland used to have light traffic, back in the early 90s etc,  It wasn’t until you hit the Seattle area that traffic became heavy.

 Now  its thick – heavy all the way….. but the thing I noticed is the rest stops. Now more than half the people I see there are foreign nationals  from wherever; Asians, Muslims, mexicans , all dark and all very foreign looking and sounding. You see they not only took over our

cities and villages one by one with population displacement and breeding, they have taken over the freeways too.. They have cars, they drive, its crowded. I am sure Mt Rainer is jammed with them in the summer too. For that matter , I saw mostly dark non- white foriegn nationals on the streets where I grew up You can’t escape the invasion, this is what set off Emma West .

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