Update Emma West : Allegations Emma was spat on by Non White Immigrant Before She Was filmed by Kelly Hollingsworth

from a commenter :”

“Apparently some ‘enricher’ spat at Emma’s feet. Don’t you find it suspicious that the HollinsWHORETH that filmed it had its camera out and ready and thrust inches from the floor at the hoik point before it rudely thrust it into Emma’s son’s face? “Don’t wind me up,’ Emma was heard to plead at the beginning of the full video recording!  Camera..all ready to go, eh?    Poor beautiful Emma..put into prison because of HOLELING UNWORTH> Man, this incarceration has woken up so many brainwashed sheep.

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2 Responses to Update Emma West : Allegations Emma was spat on by Non White Immigrant Before She Was filmed by Kelly Hollingsworth

  1. Julian Lee says:

    Valuable information. Go to http://www.WhiteID.com for good pictures of Emma West plus tribute videos.

  2. Andre says:

    This Hollingwhoreth has altered race relations in the UK for a thousand years to come. Her actions of antagonising and setting Emma West up is the most unforgivable RACISM. She chose Emma, stalked and targeted her because Emma is White, English, and obviously beautiful, which sadly, the Hollingworthless is not..not physically, not in any way. The quick-tempered, Black male on the tram with Dreadlocks was also RACIST. HE identified Emma as being White and jumped up behind her aggressively and had to be restrained by other Whites. He identified and defined Emma on the basis of her skin colour so if it is okay for a GANDER, why not for a GOOSE? HIS behaviour was RACIST AND SEXIST. The Black Mama was also being RACIST towards Emma..accusing her and her son and her family and ALL WHITE BRITISH people of being lazy..just because they have WHITE skin That is RACISM .’We HAVE to come here to do all de work for you,” No, you don’t…and goodbye. WE can do it ourselves as we always have..Ta,Ta. Also who said you HAD to come here anyway? And, furthermore, you are NOT doing ALL, or any, of OUR IMPORTANT WORK like brain surgery or teaching physics and metaphysics! So that makes you arrogant ,as well as racist. The retarded sounding foreigner on the video link to the right of this posting is also alarmingly RACIST. He said Emma should ‘have some BLACK dick put into her ‘hole’.” This is the kind of crude racist the ‘ Queen {gives) da passport’, to, is it? He refers to the British Monarch and in the next breath suggests that Emma should take some’ Black dick’ (his BLACK dick?) to fix her up or teach her a lesson. My God, has this man no respect or social graces? Is he really suggesting that if the Queen or Crown revokes his citizenship, that he will give them some of his “Black dick” in retribution?????. Threatening sexual assault. Insulting our Monarch. Disparaging of other races by suggesting that a White Male’s dick was INFERIOR to a Black man’s ‘dick’. Perpetuating offensive stereotypes…… RACIST. Crude, DISGUSTING, OFFENSIVE language. Emma West did nothing compared to all this. She simply felt distraught because, as an eyewitness reported, a foreigner spat at her feet and towards her Angel child…and she expressed her distress at it. SHAME ON ALL THOSE COWARDLY WHITES FOR NOT GIVING EMMA A HUG ON THAT TRAM AND FOR POSTING HATE-FILLED REMARKS ON INTERNET.. SHAME ON YOU! YOU are all racists yourself. You assume a Black man ON THE TRAM will chimp-out so you have to rush to do your White social work number because being Black he can’t possibly cope without White Girl’s help, can he? RACISTS.. And You are RACIST because you ignored and showed no respect or empathy or compassion for a distressed member of your own race who was spat on and set up! SHAME ON THE LOT OF YOU.

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