Drop all Charges against Emma West !Emma West Victim will Stand Trial February 2012 for saying bad things about Immigrants


Race rant  Political Prisoner accused Emma West to face trial for saying Black Africans are not British

Emma West on the tram Emma West was arrested after footage was posted on YouTube posted by black skinned racist Kelly Hollingsworth

 This is so Ghetto,a  black woman  from Jamaica ,named Eubanks , who lied saying Emma hit her and the DA is so intent on lynching Emma they bought her story, This happens all the time in slums. 

From Wendy over at British Resistance

“Being a legal secretary I can see that this case has all the hallmarks of an engineered pack of lies in order to stitch Emma up. Did you see her strike someone in the original video? No, of course not, she was holding onto her little boy all the time. This new witness has obviously been bribed or forced into committing perjury in order to get Emma put away for a long time.

In my years in the trade, as you might say, I have seen many cases where a person who was framed by the prosecution in order to get a conviction, and they usually get one! Poor Emma, I think she will be held up as an example of what happens to white trash when they have the affront to speak out about the enrichers.

A woman charged over an alleged racist rant on a tram that was captured on video and seen online 11 million times is set to face trial at a Crown Court.

Emma West, 34, of New Addington, has been charged with two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear.

She gave Croydon Magistrates’ Court no indication of her plea and said she wanted to face a Crown Court trial.

Ms West was given bail and will appear at Croydon Crown Court on 17 February.

Magistrate Ian Hornby granted Ms West bail on the condition that she does not travel on a tram within Croydon and Sutton, lives and sleeps at her home address and does not comment on the case.

Ms West was arrested after footage, filmed on a Croydon-to-Wimbledon tram, allegedly showing her racially abusing fellow passengers was posted on YouTube.

She was charged with intent to cause fear or provocation of violence after a passenger, Ena-May Eubanks, said she hit her left shoulder with a “closed fist

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6 Responses to Drop all Charges against Emma West !Emma West Victim will Stand Trial February 2012 for saying bad things about Immigrants

  1. Andre says:

    Emma West can now juggle nursing a toddler, speaking her thoughts aloud and is also supposed have swung a decent punch. I should suggest that she join a circus but she is already in one… full of the illusionists,(her ‘accusers) the wild animals (violent hate-filled racist, jealous immigrants) and a RINGMASTER ( The Marxist Global elite in the British ‘ Government’, EU dictatorship and UN) and the Crown prosecutor and judges) and the CLOWNS (the sickly White liberals.) The audience on the RIGHT sits on the edge of its seat fearing the worst..the people on the LEFT scream out for blood..They want to see Emma in the wild, ‘exotic’ animal enclosure ( prison). People like me are sick of dangerous beasts…not only are they boring and revoltingly feral but their fangs and claws (knives and guns) are too deadly so I don’t want my children any where near them and I would grab them and pull them away if they even looked like they were going to “pet’ them..NO, NOOOOO! NO WAY, NOT EVER!. I prefer that my children play with cute, sweet, moral, cuddly, gentle, authentically British Peter Rabbit types.

  2. Andre says:

    Snoremonster, have you seen VNN FORUM.COM –KELLY HOLLINWORTH PROFITING FROM VIDEOS>>I think the lawyer posted was John McMaster who said PRIVACY laws in USA prohibit profiting from filming without consent? It should be the same in UK. Youtube pays between $2 and $4 dollars per 1000 views. 11,648 views = $22,000 to $44,00) for Hollinworthless. Emma West’s lawyer needs to be told this…can you pass this information on to the BNP>>please?. I read somewhere that Hollinwartless had POSTED OTHER VIDEOS previously from events on trams or similar.. I can’t find exactly where. Have you seen a reference?..I KNOW I DID>>so it could be a money-making scam to get WHITEY’S MONEY for doing nothing except living as a parasite (welfare) and setting up innocent people for income!,,,but Emma West’s lawyer could ask this question in court to establish INTENT, CREDIBILITY .a..nice little scam that makes BIG money for illiterates or a Whore from BABYLON or the like, especially as some immigrants are already bludging off the mainly WHITE male taxpayers of Britain. If on welfare, the authorities should confiscate that money as benefit fraud and prosecute Kelly Hollinsworth. for FRAUD> If Emma is deemed ‘innocent’ by the PERSECUTOR (PROSECUTOR)…her lawyer should go for every cent of that profit as compensation for Emma. She could also take out a defamation case against Hollingsworth and go for that profit from the video and also go for compensation through Hollinsworh’s assets or house if she OWNS one ( HUH>>as IF…..council house, courtesy of WHITEY more like) because all this publicity will affect EMMA’S future employment and quality of life. Remember London is full of dangerous retards! That money should be confiscated.NOW.She may need to pay for a 24/7 bodyguard for herself and her children because of Hollingsworthless’s ‘video’ ….our enrichers being the psychotic, deranged thugs that most are .Please.Snoremonster..pass this to the BNP> .They may find that evidence that Hollingsworth has done this filming before.

  3. Andre says:

    That should read 11,648 MILLION views at $2 to $4 per 1000 views= $22,000 to $44,000.

  4. snoremonster says:

    Dear Andre- so you are saying that Kelly Hollingsworth is making a nice pile of cash off of framing Emma West?
    I had no idea people made money off of youtube. If thats the case , it should be made widely known.
    I doubt Emma’s lawyer will care take note of it, he is a public defender who will try to get her to plea bargin plead giulty.
    The BNP isn’t doing anything for Emma as far I have been able to see. It’s been the splinter groups such as Griffin watch and British Resistance Party and of course Stormfront.
    Don’t count on the truth coming out in court, it will be about suppressing the truth and opressing Emma.

  5. Andre says:

    Yes..That is what I am saying. VNN,KELLY HOLLINGSWORTH TRAM WOMAN FILMER PROFITING FROM TRAM VIDEO. Can you look it up? VNN-Vanguard News Network. You will find comment from an Internet specialist ( johnmcmarster@businesstoday) That could be Mcmaster (no middle R) in any case you will find the details on the link. He advises people on how to make money from youtube videos that go viral as stated $2 to $4 dollars=1000views=$22,000 to $44,000 for a piece of hollinWORTHLESS rubbish! McMarster is irate that IT has not only ruined Emma’s life but profits from doing so. Please read the link and would you kindly flick it off to a few groups including British resistance/ENGLAND CALLING//SARAHMAIDOFALBION/INCOGMAN/BNP. Sorry to ask but am DOWNUNDER and fly to Perth for a week or so….remote area so unlikely to get coverage. Did you read THE SCHILLER INSTITUTE.THE NEW DARK AGE?. These bastards in the Government Brit/EU/UN..control the courts and CRIMINAL JUSTification SYSTEM/ The Mad Media/ are BILDERBERG BANKSTERS/ are Marxist communists/ ANTIWhite-Christian-democracy. You no doubt know all this. MAD..EVIL FEEBLE-MINDED but, paradoxically, DEADLY (mass genocide and dictatorial communism being THE FINAL SOLUTION) intention.)The entire world as we know it has gone.They dangled the distractions of booze-drugs=perverted movie, music and sex industries, the consumerism, greed. property as profit concept, broke down Patriarchy and engineered the rise of the FemiNAZI and homosexual tyrants, and paedophilia-promotion, whacked us over the head with unfettered or unbridled third (TURD) world immigration to break down our national identities and solidarity (BLACKS are BRITISH!!!mantras) and break down our families…, divorce, abortion, promiscuity, adultery. (SISTERS DOIN IT FOR THEMSELVES ( What? Masturbation? LESBIANISM ? Welfare-bludging off mainly White male taxpayers to support ‘my keeeeeds!) They do NOTHING most of the women of all races…except shop, wanting to be treated like Princesses (Grow UP..the Emmas of the world know the reality) or White ‘Sisters will run to hug the angry Black man but not comfort the Sister who has been devastated by all the vi’ce and violence. I came across a site where Black women were whinging that White men would not date or marry them. ARE THEY KIDDING?………Do they think we are BLIND and DEAF? I would vomit to even be in the same room as that THING from the sewer called KILLY HO WORTHLESS!!! Read THE SCHILLER LINK PLEASE> Is it possible to get a secure e-mail for you? Cheers…I’m off to 40% heat! Back 10 days later. I left you this BOOK-like reply to read…..meanwhile!!!!!!!!!!!

    • snoremonster says:

      Dear Andre- Don’t worry , when you get back from the outback the story of Emma will still be here to investigate.
      If you want to get the word out about Kelly Hollingsworth , you have to spell her real name so the search engines will pick it up.
      The link you suggested is a month old and Kelly did not respond directly on twitter to his suggestions.
      Yes, Kelly should be investigated or written about more. Will she be at the trial as a witness?
      Why hasn’t her work place and pictures of her home address been posted ? I don’t expect the hacks that write for the English Media to do anything, but I do wonder why no one has written about Kelly Hollingsworth in the last month.
      I see this all the time, the media could find out if someone is illegal, they could do some research but they never never do .
      As to the British government being corrupt and vile, well I know that now, but most Americans just see the cute media images of England, not the real thing. It’s like that in the US too, where people all over the world think we have freedom and justice and free speech etc here. NO, we don’t.
      Someone in England knows about Kelly Hollingsworth and whether she made money off of Emma, someone in England knows whether she will go to Emma’s trial and lie.
      There were other people on the tram that day who could step forward, maybe one out of the whole group , who is not an immigrant or a self-hating Native Brit.
      We will see –

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