Ena_May James Eubanks: Black Jamaican Female files False Charges against Emma West _ Racist Lynch Mob Against Native English Woman Continues


ena may eubanks has canceled her facebook page  DavidFirstBlog has posted this picture as being Ena May Eubanks.http://www.davidsfirst.blogspot.com/

I have been told this picture is of Ena May Eubanks - Black Most likely illegal Jamaican who does an non essential job of working for a caterer

 Passenger Ena-May Eubanks, 35, who moved to the UK from Jamaica nine years ago, was disgusted. Catering assistant Mrs Eubanks, who was with son Joshua, five, snip
free advice for Ena May Eubanks: Go back to Jamaica,

 Ena, Mouthy   black female , has popped out another little Jamaican  in the form of Joshua below, who is five.

 Ena may eubanks has pulled her facebook page in the last 23 hours since it was revealed she has accused Emma West of punching her with her fist. The coal black boy below is her son , I assume, as his picture was her facebook photo. Her extinct facebook page also listed her as a ” Craft Princess”

 I don’t believe for a moment that Emma slugged this black woman. It’s just to pad the case. Right, Kelly Hollingsworth?

 The picture Ena May Eubanks, a black jamaican “immigrant”,  has posted on her facebook page. It is her son Joshua who she has bred since moving to the UK

  Ena describes herself as a “Craft Princess” What craft? Voodoo?  -Ena  looks so much  like a Native Briton .


I suspect this charge has been dreamt up because THEY could not take the risk of failing to get a conviction on what Emma actually said ‘go back to your own country’ – .

The trial is going to be another kangaroo court – if Emma had hit anyone in the first place, the original police who were called to the incident would have arrested her instead of making sure she got home safely.

I am angry beyond words about this case.

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21 Responses to Ena_May James Eubanks: Black Jamaican Female files False Charges against Emma West _ Racist Lynch Mob Against Native English Woman Continues

  1. Andre says:

    They teach them young!

  2. Julian Lee says:

    Oh, right. A mum like Emma West is probably always going around throwing punches at little black kids. This is getting more and more absurd all the time. And that’s good for the White Europeans and bad news for the traitors-to-the-English that invest the British upper class.

    • snoremonster says:

      well when are we going to rebel en mass?
      Because Emma will be sacrificed and this black bitch from Jamaica will never be paid back for her lies and multiply that by 10 million, because Emma is not the only one getting shafted by the invaders.

  3. Andre says:

    What a shame British people try to show civility and honesty to dishonorable people. What a shame Emma did not bite down on her lip and smear blood all over her lovely face. She then could have told the police,, and the world, that Hollingworthless had punched her and split her lip and she should have gouged her cheek with the letter W to brand herself as White and shown the world that Hollinwhore had done it as well==..a race -hate crime. Emma then could then received a large payout from the government similar to that given to the Lawrences. Google: THE STEPHEN LAWRENCE JOB…you might have to search to find it but there is a lot of concealed information on that case ! Anyway, Emma did not feign physical injuries because she is typically British…straight up and honest. For that virtue she was slapped into prison! She has, and is, suffering emotional and spiritual injury and I am more than ever convinced that Demons are causing it. Emma would not hurt anyone….let alone punch a child. Who is spreading this malicious defamation? Please my British people..stay away from these Demons. Look at what happened to that lovely Swedish girl who tried to help Somalians. Gutchurning worldwide. By the way Snoremonster, can you ask Julian Lee if he received my e-mail?

  4. Angry says:

    All decent folks are outraged by this political persecution of Emma West, by the anti-White establishment. Had such an “assault” taken place, it would have been mass reported AT THE TIME by the multiple invaders sorry enrichers on the tram, NOT covertly added later! British CPS corruption is rife and these attempts by the CPS to subvert justice and fabricate false evidence/charges, not a new phenomenon, as can be seen from the grotesque record of CPS corruption exposed in the media.

  5. malc says:

    There is a hell of a lot of WHITE traitors in this country…they live in a fog…blind as f…g bats…

  6. Julian Lee says:

    Emma West turns out to look calm, intelligent, and pretty in the photo that the Sun got of her at the courthouse yesterday. She will be a sympathetic figure for Whites (and true true English) to get to thinking and pondering about the direction of their nation and all White nations. The Sun is taking a sympathetic attitude toward her, I’d say. One sign is they put the commie buzzsaw “racist” into quotes. (Soon the whole world will see that’s a spurious word designed to vilify normal and natural human instincts of ethnic cohesion.) It seems this woman is a fighter. I like to think that she has taken some heart and strength for her spine by seeing the positive and supportive internet outpouring for her.

    Lust for “diversity” is just that: Lust. It’s flesh fetishism and a sign of spiritual decay parading in the guise of “enlightenment” and “toleration” and “love.” An ethnic White person, such as an Englishman, is well challenged enough just trying to master “tolerance” and “love” for his own diverse English lot of people.

    Andre: You can ask me. Was it from “Andre”? I will look for it.

    • snoremonster says:

      do you have a link ? thanks

    • Andre says:

      Yes, under Andre…will be away for a week or so..flight in just 2 hours. Learning a lot from you and Snoremonster. If you find that e-mail…to me I am serious about getting support for ending Britain’s ethnic cleansing and FINAL SOLUTION in relation to Whites..PHHHH ENA…..THE hyENA…..with its big mouth….scary…how did she get impregnated?

      • mike says:

        Ena classes her self as a Craft princess and a catering assistan she is more like a Kraft Cheese Princess who eats all the pies bet she was a skinny Jafacian gurl in her homeland but still as ugly

      • Andre says:

        A ‘CRAFTY’ one all right. Was that prinCESS or CESSpot? Ugliness everywhere and every which way…gut churningly hideous. It is like watching salivating, crafty, cunning, wolves creeping up on the lambs…baying for blood. Did you notice the failed attempt at the ‘Princess’ golden hair on HyENA’s head and the bared yellow teeth?

    • snoremonster says:

      HI David – I saw the picture and I wanted to make sure that it was really Ena before I posted it. Could you tell me how you verified that it was really Ena? Thank you.

      • david brown says:

        Hi it was on her Facebook -she used her son as main picture – but wedding pix of her.

        One way to hit back at these people is to get pictures of the magistrates who refused her bail and the CPS people involved in this case – so long as its in editorial context you can photograph any one in a public place -and use the picture on the web.

      • snoremonster says:

        thank you for letting me know where ena’s picture came from. I am sure she is furious and that is a good thing . 🙂
        Ena took down her facebook site after it was posted by our side.
        as to judges, in the US it is tricky to post anything about them because Americans can be imprisoned if a judge feels threatened and with our system a citizen is nothing next to a judge.
        of course starting a recall petition is legal.
        Our judges have been selling us out right and left to the point where no one knows where to begin anymore. A great hatred of the Federal Government and all government is growing.

  7. mike says:

    Emma classes herself as British not English had she of done so she would of had a better arguement aganst the people on the tram. I class myself as English and my england is not what it used to be. I have suffered racial abuse as a white male from African immigrants, Asian immigrants and Jamacian immigrants but my Government denies any racial abuse to White English citizens. I hope the courts take a look at what is happening in this country and give her a suspended community service order because look closer at the video and see the black male youth who stood up to attack her, what will he get i wonder????

    • Andre says:

      Google: NONE WILL CALL IT GENOCIDE or SOUTH AFRICA AFTER APARTHEID and see what those vicious, animalistic Blacks do to thousands of Whites there every year..USA and UK’s future??? Being attacked, robbed and tied up by a pack of wild Beasts..raped/sodomised, burnt with hot irons, suffering genital mutilation/castration and forced to watch while these vicious psychotic demons burn your White baby or toddlers, rape/sodomise them, slash off their genitals and burn them alive after wrapping them in newspaper and setting it alight! HEAR THEM SCREAM!! Go on watch those images all you namby pamby, multicultural-diversity=Obama worshipping, dangerous ‘liberals’ who say only WHITES can be racist!! Watch this all you drunken, drugged-up White trash skanks that covort with Black thugs.and you could also watch BLACK AFRICANS BURN WITCHCRAFT VILLAGERS ALIVE. Watch these old women trying to crawl out of the fire and being kicked and booted back in..GO ON Watch it!! As Emma West said….”.I F***..c****..k**in dare you “! Black Pastor Manning ATLAHMINISTRIES.ORG says BLACKS ARE ANIMALISTIC..HATERS AND LOSERS..LAZY..NEVER INVENTED A THING HAVE GOT A ‘GOTTA- GET- WHITEY- MENTALITY. Kelly Hollingsworth and Ena May Eubanks are tarred with the same Black brush.

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  9. The African man in the video said we are here to stay, WRONG WRONG WRONG you stay only as long as the English say you can. After that how you leave is up to you, you can take the hint and book your passage or you can elect to be sent home in a box. Either way the choice is yours I do not give a fishes tit which you go for.

  10. looks to me like ema west was out numbered .. you do not hit out when you are out numbered,, this is another case of political intimidation ,, make people afraid of the truth.. Time for rebellion

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