Racial Madness In UK England : White British Male Arrested For “Racial Abuse Tweets of Stan Collymore


 Not only was Enoch Powell Right, he underestimated how awful England was going to become.  Note that all the tweets to have Emma West raped and murdered, posted by non-white Brits was ignored by Scotland yard Police.

 What a yawn for them if a white person is racially or sexually victimized in England.

 At  this point for some insane reason, any white person in England is vulnerable to arrest for “Race Crimes Against Blacks or Immigrants”.

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2 Responses to Racial Madness In UK England : White British Male Arrested For “Racial Abuse Tweets of Stan Collymore

  1. Andre says:

    Those who researched the Frankfurt School state that the Marxists planned for the demise of the White man and his powerful position in the world. They tell those uneducated ( or Blacks educated through White man funded scholarships), hate-filled and pathological Blacks ( and other non-Whites) that we are only a small minority in the world, demographically. Whites think nothing of having abortions and using birth control. We can easily be overwhelmed. That is the mentality behind most of the random racist pack attacks, rapes and murders of White people. It is sport to them. It also makes identifying the specific killer more difficult and Homey ‘ain’t gonna snitch on ma man or bitch’ so they close ranks and don’t assist the Police, whom they regard as ENEMY. They stand in the way of ripping us and our neighbourhoods apart. They HATE us. Their arrogant strutting around and violence reveals it. The Marxists make sure of it…funding racist Black organisations like the ‘new’ Black Panthers and coming out with bullcrap PC about how a BLACK man cannot be ‘racist’ because he has not got the economic power. The idiots do not care that many Whites hardly have any money and they have never read HOFFMAN REVEALS THE FORGOTTEN SLAVES which shows that over ONE MILLION WHITES WERE SLAVES (not the indentured type either) FOR LIFE (even Blacks got freedom papers eventually). MANY WHITES WERE SHIPPED FROM USA TO JAMAICA AND OTHE PLACES TO BE SLAVES FOR LIFE. It is becoming obvious to many that Blacks and others (NON-WHITES) just want most Whites DEAD so they can take our homes, our money, things and power..and some pretty blonde booty!! The USA and Britain and Europe would end up like South Africa…unless White men world-wide get some anger, balls, weapons and strategies, like seriously kicking some ass and ending immigration and closing all the borders for 25 years and deporting traitors. Then the Western countries must win back the respect it once had by strengthening and increasing its White population and authority and getting rid of filth LIKE SEXUAL PERVERSION, DRUGS, SINGLE PARENT HOMES RELYING ON WELFARE AND FOOD COUPONS, VIOLENT DEPRAVED MOVIES AND MUSIC, SECRET SOCIETIES, PAGANISM, WARS FOR RESOURCES, GREED, ‘CLUBBING,’ BOOZE, AS WELL AS INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE and MARXIST/ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY. ‘THEY WILL NOT HAVE THE WILL’…Revelation .’THEY” are the brainwashed, feeble-minded ‘liberals’ and the people obsessed and distracted by Bread and Circus sport…baseball, Footy, and soccer. GET UP…STAND UP…STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT….TO LIVE WHITE MAN.

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