Drunk Mexican Presumed Illegal Alejandro Mendoza of Mexico Arrested Drunk Reckless Driving: Oregon Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

Drivers Cited, One Arrested Following Rescue from Flooded SW Fernhill Road in Forest Grove
Forest Grove Police– 01/22/12

 So, there is a flood covering the road and this drunk Mexican comes racing up drunk and then has to be rescued too. Yeah, Mexicans don’t cost us any money. Of course, his immigration status was not checked nor was ICE contacted. Illegal Aliens are Special

additional Info from Flash Alert posted this date at 0120hrs from Forest Grove Fire & rescue

The driver of a second vehicle attempting to cross SW Fernhill Road while occupants of another vehicle were being rescued, was later arrested. 28 y/o Alejandro Mendoza of Hillsboro was also rescued by Forest Grove Fire and Rescue and then charged with Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and Reckless Endangering by Forest Grove Police.

Mendoza and the other driver, 49 y/o Perry Niesen of Forest Grove, were also cited for “Violation of Posted Limits on Use”, a Class D traffic violation carrying a $110 fine.

Citizens are ( he isnt  a citizen he is an illegal alien joke of the week from Oregon) strongly advised to obey road closed signs and barricades. Failing to do so could have tragic consequences. Police will continue to take

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