Update Portland refusing to charge black assailants with “hate crimes



 So typical of Oregon, one Rule for Whites and another Rule for Non-whites.

From blog council of conservative citizens:”

Portland refusing to charge black assailants with “hate crimes.”

Despite increasing levels of brutal racially motivated black on white mob violence, many big city prosecutors still absolutely refuse to charge any blacks with hate crimes.

Portland has seen a rash of brutal racially motivated group assaults against random white victims.  None of the attackers are being charged with hate crimes despite the fact that the black perpetrators routinely use racial slurs while committing these crime.

Channel 2 Portland is reporting growing outrage over the refusal to prosecute black perpetrators with hate crimes. Watch the left-wing liberal arts college professor explain how black thugs attacking a white victim while screaming racial slurs is not a “hate crime.”

The same exact people claiming that the bus attack was “not a hate” would be screaming for hate crime charges if the races had been reversed. Anytime, anywhere in the country, any black person is attacked a white person for any reason, the left and the media automatically scream “hate crime.” When a mob of blacks blatantly attack a random victim solely because that person it white, the same people say “not a hate crime.”

Please watch the video and you can see what Oregon Negroes are like.

In the video , you will see a Portland State U class discussing whether it is a hate crime, and a Black Female will say the White Girl got in the Black Girl’s face… and none of the whites challenge her racial bigotry, including the teacher.

 The Black Negro female who spawned the brood of violent criminal females, has a rap sheet a mile long .

 Four Negro Black  Females Busted for Attack on White Girl Attacked Portland Oregon Max Train


Transit Police Officers Arrest 4 in Connection with MAX Train Assault

 Let me say it in Black Speech “Damnnn girl you sure is ugllly

Portland Police Bureau– 01/12/12



This evening, Thursday January 12, 2012, police officers from the Transit Police Division made four arrests in connection with the December 26, 2011 assault and riot on a MAX train in Southeast Portland.

18-year-old Rakeshia Shamone Burns, her 16-year-old half-sister, and the 13-year-old half-sister of the 16-year-old were all arrested and charged with Assault in the Third Degree, Riot, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, Harassment, and Interfering with Public Transportation.

38-year-old Selena Estelle Harris, the mother of Burns and her 16-year-old half-sister, was also arrested for two counts of Hindering Prosecution. Harris is accused of lying to police officers about her daughters’ whereabouts and of hiding them from police.

Transit Police Division officers initially took a report from the victim on December 26, then learned of the YouTube video of the assault on January 6. Transit Police officers shared the video with the Portland Police Bureau’s Youth Services Division and began to identify the suspects. Additionally, the victim and her family continued to provide police with information about the suspects.

Additional tips came in to investigators after the YouTube video was shown on local news.

Burns and Harris were booked into the Multnomah County Jail and will be arraigned tomorrow. The two juvenile girls were lodged at the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Home.


Attached Media Files: 2012-01/3056/50686/Selena_Estelle_Harris_38.jpg , 2012-01/3056/50686/Rakeshia_Shamone_Burns_18.jpg

from Stormfront- the full video below and you will see the Portland No One Talks about –


You are correct that there has been a change in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA metropolitian area since Obama’s election – minorities are sporting a cocky, rude, challenging attitude.


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  1. Andre says:

    Beauty and the Beasts!!!

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