Henrietta Lacks : White Guilt and Science Book Review

  Henrietta Lacks – There is a book out about her by a typical NPR liberal named Rebecca Skloots of “- I’m half jewish and protestant from Seattle..”

  The Blame on white science for taking a black woman’s cancerous tumour and turning it  into a massive industry ….. is interesting…. but what really stands out is the violence , rape and lack of intelligence of  the Black Lacks.

  Henrietta died because her husband David Lacks , who was really her cousin, who began using her for sex as early as 13 , gave her every virulent sexual disease possible from his non-stop cheating.

  The white doctors tried to treat her for VD and she refused over and over again. 

 The Black Lacks churned  out criminals and rapists and child molesters , not because of the Bad White People but because that is what they were going to do anyway.   A lot of white haters claim that poor whites in the South are all inbred, but ignore Black sexual behavior.

Rebecca Skloots is an aggressive NPR liberal, who harassed and stalked the Black Lacks, until they  finally began to talk with her. Anyone else would have taken legal action against her for the non-stop phone calls.

from amazon

This review is from: The science of HeLa is incredible, the rest of the story – annoying, agenda-driven verbiage. The book erratically seems to rehash over and over how (ostensibly) Henrietta Lacks was exploited when during (free/charity) surgical treatment of her cancer, the physician took a sample of the tumor tissue (Did she want to keep the tumor tissue for herself? Did she want more of the tumor tissue left on her cervix?). Over and over her children complain that they should be financially compensated because she was “raped of her cells” and accusing everyone of making money from their mother’s cells while they were still poor. Mrs. Lacks’ medical care was standard procedure at the time – using some of the tumor tissue for research did not in any way change her unfortunate prognosis. The physician and researcher did not use HeLa cells to get rich – indeed, while professionally notable, they never profited from HeLa research, and their conduct was standard protocol for the time.

It is sad that her children led terrible lives (incest, abuse, poverty), but none of the blame is put on the children’s father, David Lacks, who gave his wife syphilis, gonorrhea, and the HPV that caused her cancer… and then failed to parent the children adequately, exposing them to incest and abuse. It is HIS fault the children had neurosyphilis, were uneducated and poor – not the researchers. I feel sorry for her family, and wish they could have grown up with a mother, but whether or not cells were taken would not have changed that, or their poverty. Instead the author wants to blame scientists for the Lacks family still being impoverished and abused and making it seem as though the “mistreatment” of Henrietta Lacks was racially motivated when there is zero evidence to support that assertion. There were mistakes along the way (releasing medical info to the public), but Ms. Skloot’s book is even more damaging- the family comes across as ignorant,criminal, and money-hungry, not


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