It’s Official _ Mexican ICE Agent Ezequiel Garcia shot and killed at ICE headquarters in LA

 By Official , I mean that I knew it would be a Mexican or a Black who caused the violence , because that’s just the way they are. And the plot thickens,  as Garcia’s Mexican Immigrant ( Illegal?) wife spoke hardly any english.  Doesn’t that mean he has conflicting loyalties?
  He also filed a lawsuit against the LAPD for discrimination, because he was arrested while working undercover and of course the police were racist. In other words  , a Mexican with a chip on his shoulder who decided to resolve the issues with violence, just like the illegals he probably never arrested.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Ezequiel Garcia drew a gun and shot deputy special agent in charge Kevin Kozak six times during the Thursday afternoon altercation, Steven Martinez, assistant director of the Los Angeles field office of the FBI, told reporters.

A third agent, who has not been identified by authorities, then fired on Garcia, 45, killing him, Martinez said.

Kozak, 51, was taken to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition on Friday.

“Mr. Kozak was counseling Mr. Garcia with regard to his performance,” Martinez said. “We believe an escalation in that discussion lead Mr. Garcia to fire his weapon several times, injuring Mr. Kozak.”

“After Mr. Garcia opened fire another agent working nearby intervened and fired his weapon to prevent additional rounds from being fired by Mr Garcia,” Martinez said. “This resulted as you’ve heard in the death of Mr. Garcia.”

Martinez said he was “not at liberty” to discuss why Garcia was being counseled by Kozak

 ICE is a bad joke anyway, they never deport much of anyone anymore

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