Call Celina Gomez, 503 885 1934 Oregon Nursery to Unveil World’s Largest Hanging Flower Basket Full of Illegal aliens on Friday

Oregon Nursery to Unveil World’s Largest Hanging Flower Basket  Full of Illegal aliens on Friday

Ore. Association of Nurseries-lobbies to import more and more illegal aliens rather then hiring Americans03/20/12

Oregon Nursery to Unveil World’s Largest Hanging Flower Basket Full of Illegal Aliens
Massive structure highlights Oregon’s Exploitation of Us Immigration Laws so they can have cheap labor – and in the process importing thousands of migrants who stay and produce gang member and babies all of whom drain the taxpayers. largest agriculture sector and heralds the spring season

WHO Are the Usual Suspects? : Bob Terry, Washington County Commissioner
Lou Ogden, Mayor of Tualatin
Jerry Simnitt, President of Oregon Association of Nurseries
Jonn Karsseboom, owner of The Garden Corner
Don Sprague, owner of Garden Gallery Ironworks of Hubbard

Additional public officials have been invited.

WHAT: The Garden Corner in Tualatin, Ore. will unveil the world’s largest hanging flower basket in a public event on Friday, March 23, 2012.

The 2-ton structure is constructed locally and will be perpetually filled with Oregon nursery and greenhouse products.

The nursery owner, manufacturer of the wrought iron structure, and officials with the Oregon Association of Nurseries will be speaking.

WHEN: Friday, March 23, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: The Garden Corner, 21550 SW 108th Ave, Tualatin, Oregon (503-885-1934)
NOTE: Go to for directions to the nursery

WHY: Oregon is the top exporter of nursery products in the U.S. and one of the most exceptional places in the world to grow plants. Oregon’s nursery and greenhouse industry is the largest sector of Oregon agriculture with an economic impact of $676 million annually.
and most of that money gets spent of Mexicans and their anchor babies, food stamps, jail time, hospital bills, schoools, welfare, WIC.
The Garden Corner, which specializes in planting, growing and maintaining flower baskets for homes and streets throughout the Portland Metro area, set out to construct the world’s largest free-standing hanging flower basket.

The massive structure tops off at 16 feet with a width of 10 feet. The basket alone weighs more than 2 tons. All of the manufacturing and materials are done and sourced in the Pacific Northwest by nursery industry professionals.

VISUALS: The giant basket, filled with flowers and plants that represent the season and the Pacific Northwest, will be unveiled during the conference.

INTERVIEWS: Speakers will be available to answer questions following the event.



Celina Gomez, The Garden Corner or 503-885-1934

Elizabeth Peters, Oregon Association of Nurseries or 503-682-5089

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