Oregon Invaded

Go to Numbersusa and enter the Oregon Business to see if they are hiring Illegal aliens, if their name isn’t in the registry then they are not checking! Mail a letter to ICE with this information and get them busted! http://tiny.cc/f6gfsWhen Mexicans Claim The United States as their former kingdom, they once again lie. The land mass the United States now emcompasses holds no interest to the Mexican Invaders and Breeders. What they come here for is the benefits derived from an Anglo Culture: food stamps, Jobs created by a White European Culture, Medical benefits created by White Europeans. They are here to rob the Candy store.

In his monograph Huddled Cliches, Larry Auster warns: “In addition to the millions of people who see the United States as a candy store without a lock, a significant number of immigrants have a conscious animus against this country.

“A very bright Bengali-American college student… told her college English class that the word ‘American’ is ‘Orwellian’ because it imposes an identity on her that she doesn’t feel. ‘I am not an American. I’m Bengali.’”

In surveying the ruins of a once promising career, Powell stoically commented: “All political careers end in failure. No regrets.”

At least Enoch Powell( see Enoch Rivers of Blood) won’t have to witness the balkanization of his nation. Your children and grandchildren won’t be nearly so fortunate””

Don Feder

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“A Legal, English- Speaking, American who tells the truth should ride a fast horse” old Russian proverb

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Picture added so Liberals could experience outrage , but not at the crimes committed by illegals nor Amnesty being granted to all comers. Obama has almost shut down ICE since taking office and once again is trying to force Amnesty on Americans. Shut Obama up by joining Numbersusa.com .http://tiny.cc/B3poD

To the left of this page is the address for ICE, send them a postcard and tell them you want enforcement of Immigration laws. Right now, ICE no longer even tries to deport criminal illegals – hell all they do is drink coffee and go out for donuts.

Five years after Santiago Ventura Morales arrived in an Oregon prison to begin his life sentence for murder, his conviction was thrown out when the courts determined the Mexico native didn’t get proper translation services during his trial.

A Montgomery County, Md., court in 2007 dismissed a pending sexual-abuse case against Liberian native Mahamu Kanneh because the case had been repeatedly delayed when officials couldn’t find an interpreter proficient in Vai – Kanneh’s native language.