Africans DO everything

my tram expericence angry reaction from fat immigrant ugly cow>

 ‘its really interesting that the Jamaican immigrant spewing anti-British Statements above has not been arrested by the police.

 I guess you have to be white to get arrested in England.  I have tried to write down the salient points the Dumb Black  Idiot made. Following that are the statements left on You TUbe.

“Africans  DO eVERYTHING

  she going about black people she hates black people

That Tram Lady she say we come her and take over her country , we’re here now so theres nothing you can do about it  were here to stay   go out and hug a lampost if you don’t like it

 That woman ( emma west ) needs a Black Dick! when she gets a Black Dick  she will luv that

We are here to stay We are not going anywhere  We’re here to help develop your country.we are not going anywhere . is it not true? yes, it is true.

To that  Lady on the tram you need some Black Dick in your hole to shut you up

 Peace and love ,

Africans do everything

 we are all one …. doesn’t matter what color you are Peace and love

 politically incorrect responses following

Africans seem to have a pathological sense of their own selves as being great and doing so much, but when asked for examples, its ‘oh we drive bus, we drive train, we clean bus station’.

 You idiots will fall along with the England that you are dragging down, and find out that a society is not built on train or bus drivers and toilet bowl cleaners, and certainly not on pot head smiley face welfare cases. Enjoy the fall, it’s going to be hard!.

DeltaNordicAdvance 2 hours ago

@1878EFC2008 hahahaha I know right, “helped develop” lol yet their countries are too busy killing their own people and taking Aid from more civilized nations, listen to how he talks “she needs that black dick” typical American Nigger speak, now American niggers have Africans talking like savages haha fucken idiots, Europeans will get tired of them, its just a matter of time, in fact! Spread this video around to Europeans to show how these savages are.

TheInsidiousParadigm 1 day ago 6

 You can’t go 2 minutes without talking about muh dick, can you?

God bless Emma West.

MsRosa88 7 hours ago 4

see all

She said what everyone wanted to say


You are one ugly blue-gummed nigger! Glad smell does not transfer on jewtube. I know yo breff stANK like dog shit!

HardBassToo 3 hours ago

this guy has sme sharp cheek bones lol

and a bag of teeth lol

trickerhapz 4 hours ago


Wow I thought it was pakis that people hate, not black people. There is a huge difference and if any of you cunts actually new a black person then you would know that they are more respectable than the dirty thieving Chevy British people. If you useless cunts are big enough to say this shit on YouTube then why don’t you tell the whole of Britan? I’m white British and I hate pakis, don’t hate black people they are respectable people you self centred cunts. THEY ARE HERE TO STAY WHETHER YOU LIKE

@sugarcubicle See? They do EVERYTHING XD

Loki2773 4 hours ago

Yes, you guys do EVERYTHING, including: Destroying our lands and culture, sucking our nations’ money through state support and foreign aid, causing crime rates to skyrocket. Yes, you do EVERYTHING that is BAD.

Loki2773 4 hours ago


ArchbishopOfCombat18 4 hours ago


Your bus drivers, your train drivers, your cleaners on the road, your gangsters, your rapists, your murderers, rioters, arsonists, thieves and totally ungrateful refugees mooching off the taxpayers.

sugarcubicle 4 hours ago

Loool ppl who still persist wiv the racist comments jus go and HUG A LAMP POST!!! Lool tbh I found this vid funny he’s a jokah!

tubeemziie 5 hours ago

lol u fucken African faggot, no wonder u fucken people have AIDS, can’t say a simple sentence without talking about “Dick” and 5 year old African boys you fucken pervert, I’m reporting your black ass to YouTube. Put up with it? have you see how frustrated the Europeans are? its just a matter of time till they throw you unproductive apes in Concentration camps like your friends the Jews. Keep pushing the wrong buttons in Europe and you’ll see something worse than the Colonization of Africa!

TheInsidiousParadigm 6 hours ago


@MyDizzy2011 Do you ever think maybe some of the people like that would be more active and have some pride if they fealt valued by government and society?

and you need to see the other side of that coin, what about people applying for 100’s of jobs, desperately wanting to work, feeling hopeless?

You must understand, most British didn’t want this, Labour, richer buisiness owners wanted this, not the average working to middle class man here.

Hellsconsort 6 hours ago

drshakamoto77 6 hours ago

You cunt

drshakamoto77 7 hours ago


If ya cut your skin or I cut ya skin.. what it will comma?? red!! xDD Well I will most likely shot you before you do dat!!! xDD

PanHustej 7 hours ago


@55silverstorm Pity he is not polish.. You could even curse.. You are quite tamed on this one.. no fucking or anything like that with this one, hm?? “Our country is messed up because YOU LOT!” Yeah.. that is something for the effort.. let me tell you that much.. You gotta have black friend – remember??

PanHustej 7 hours ago

Smug fucking nigger.

scrivaldo101 8 hours ago 2




Maybe you have aids already and have no idea as you party and sleep around a lot,put youself together loner, looser

MyDizzy2011 9 hours ago

@clarissapar We are not all here because of problems in our countries, we are here to better ourselves as britain and america has stolen all our minerals and to help fill jobs which are british people are not keen to do,as they prefer benefits, and we paid money in our contries to be doctors and engeeners, but british people preferd benfits instead of having a go on free education. Thats british life

MyDizzy2011 9 hours ago


Just your fury as you know you dont have a dick, just little finger(thats the size of a 5yr old african boy) OR if you are a woman thats what your man is having, you just have to put up with it. AFRICAN

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