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Oregon battles Mexican drug gangs' marijuana fields-Mexican Drug Cartel and Mexicans have taken over our wild Lands too- 19-year-old Jose Fernandez-Alcazar, from the state of Michoacan

Oregon battles Mexican drug gangs’ marijuana fields This is not about your drug habit,its about Mexican criminals ( who are not vegan or hip and who love to cut off heads with machetes)  ruining every square inch of Oregon. Tell … Continue reading

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A Scottish Highlander asks that you help stop the invasion of illegal alien criminals

Illegal immigration is a serious crisis in the United States, and it is time that We The People stand up and fight it.  Join me in this fight, go to,, Numbers USA, and and get involved!  Let … Continue reading

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Beheaded Mexicans on Obama's & Congress's pathway to citizenship

 Mexicans beheaded by Mexicans, with machettes in mexico  what was that about amnesty for the 20 million living in the United States?

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