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Intel Hires Indians (Yagna Jyothy Vemuri Process Engineer at Intel )from India instead of American college Grads?

Intel is not supposed to hire foriegn workers on the H1-b program unless there are no Americans for the job and lets face it there were plenty of qualified applicants.  Yagna Jyothy Vemuri a hindu and foreign national has an anchor baby … Continue reading

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Oregon 11th Nationally in Refugee Resettlement of Third World Breeders  and Portland is 11th nationally. That’s why whenever I go somewhere, I am about the only white western person who speaks English.  No more immigration for ten years . Get the State Department out of Immigration. Oregon ranks 11th … Continue reading

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Water Shortages in 36 states: Illegal aliens, anchor babies and too many immigrants burden United States

 they had so many articles I decided to post the page so people can chose. Bottom line is : the Huge Increase in Population due to unlimited Immigration and Illegal aliens, along with anchor babies and chain immigration, is tapping our … Continue reading

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