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Family of Murdered Dani Countryman Sues Clackamas County over Police not arresting her criminal illegal alien murderers.

Should citizens file lawsuits when illegal aliens are released and major crime is committed? Posted by admin on September 20th, 2009 and filed under sexual lawsuits | 15 Comments » Do you believe law enforcement offices should be held responsible … Continue reading

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Alert! Samantha Haupt returned home last night at about 11:00 PM uninjured Kidnapping Blond White Female 20 :Two Swarthy Rapists Mexicans (Illegals Latinos Hispanics) Henrike Luna-Castillo, 35 ;Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez, 36 years of age in Mexican Occupied Salem

  UPDATE: Samantha Haupt returned home last night at about 11:00 PM uninjured. The two suspects are still being sought for their involvement in the assault of Samantha’s friend. The matter remains under investigation.  (following is the comment from someone … Continue reading

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Dani Countryman Murdered by Alejandro Rivera Gamboa and Javier Arellano Gamboa two Mexican Illegal Gardeners in Oregon

, July 7, 2009 Kinda makes you want to rent an apartment in Oregon with all the mexicans living  in them, how come no lawyer has pursued legal action against the Apartment complex that hired them and rented to them? … Continue reading

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