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Illegal alien Mexican Meth dealers busted in Oregon: LUIS PULIDO-AGUILAR,OCTAVIO SOTO-ALVARADO

OSP Traffic Stop Leads to 5.5 lbs. of Methamphetamine and Two Arrests – Interstate 84 in The Dalles (Photos) Oregon State Police – 03/18/10 2010-03/1002/031710.i84mp83.meth.2.JPG An Oregon State Police (OSP) traffic stop Wednesday morning in The Dalles area led to … Continue reading

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Freeway Crash in Oregon: Jose AGUILAR-GOMEZ, Illegal Mexican from CA ( mexico) with NO Drivers License causes freeway accident with crazy Mexican Driving( one American woman hospitalized

once again- the cost of the invasion and open borders. You cannot let a third world population invade without huge costs borne by the legal population. In this case, one middle-aged American woman is hospitalized, is it just me or … Continue reading

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Tillman a Black Woman Head of New Multicultural Health Oregon Dept. of Human Services With Spanish Only Memo : More Discrimination against Native Oregonians

Fall of the West: illegal aliens from Mexico etc are already getting every kind of entitlement our government offers, Let us all Worship the Cult of Diversity, Mexicans use food stamps and welfare in US, multiculturism reaches Oregon from United … Continue reading

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Mexican Family Values: Breeder Maria Barajas-Damian Shot 4 times by Marcelino Diaz-Rivera Hermiston Or, Ca and Mexico

No this isn’t rare and yes Mexicans are dangerous. Octavio Paz , the Mexican Poet said that Mexicans were like adolescents. They should be deported and work out their violent destiny on the land of their Ancestors , which is … Continue reading

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Reconquista Rosa Garcia : It's Payback Time !Aztlan and Reconquista of the US:Mexicans who Hate White People from the mouth of rosa garcia: ”  From reading your entries, it appears as though you are merely projecting about how everyone and everything around you is so pathetic and a waste. What is it about you that you’re … Continue reading

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Check Out 4 Mexican Teen gangsters Steal Car w/ Stolen Guns In Marion County Oregon Anchor babies? Illegal aliens? Mexi-trash !

Four Suspects    Mexican  Meth Puta with sharpie eyebrows lied to Police about who she was- those nice hardworking mexicans, Obama’s pathway to citizenship . So how much did all  this cost Oregonians and why Is Ron Wyden and Obama and … Continue reading

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Obama Plans to Give Amnesty to Illegal Invaders This Year: Roy BecK says No way Jose!

Update! Obama is moving forward with Amnesty June 24th, 2009,along with numerous other deals to shaft Americans n  favor of criminal Illegal aliens  go to now and send a fax to Obama Standing Up To The Irrational: Can Obama … Continue reading

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Deport United States Senator Ron Wyden for High Treason against the American People

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