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Randhir K. Singh ordered Deported: Hindu National uses Race Card agianst Black African Muslims

  Randhir K. Singh v. Immigration and Naturalization Service Yes, aren’t immigrants fun? This Hindu used the Race Card and the Hindu card  to stay in the United States after he was ordered deported. He lied about his fake green … Continue reading

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Obama Surounds himself with H-Ib Visa supporters or traitors

Eric Schmidt  Owner of Google is very pro h1-b worker and is obama’s buddy and helped him with his transition. On top of that, Eric banned  google blogs critical of obama,   from alipac, From Rob Sanchez’ newsletter:<<<<< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER … Continue reading

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Indian Nationals In United States discriminate against Non-Indian Americans

 Following is a comment from an American who is now a second class citizen in the U.S. due entirely to  Gates , Intel ,HP and Universities hiring foreign workers over Americans.  By the way, Foreign immigrants employers have no problem with racism … Continue reading

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