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Update! Mexican Shot Dead Hood River Oscar Jose Solorio

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Crimestopper! Mexican Rapist Javier Jose Barrios Sought in Mexican Salem

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/02/10 Javier Jose Barrios The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your assistance in locating a wanted suspect. mexican illegal alien. If Marion county wants to cut down on crime all they have to do … Continue reading

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Update Garcia, Aniva arrested Illegal Mexican Male w/ large hunting type knife & broken english robs two stores in Vancouver Wa- face of the Hispanic Surge

Update Garcia, Aniva arrested  Illegal Mexican Male w/ large hunting type knife & broken english robs two stores in Vancouver Wa- face of the Hispanic Surge The mexican kept robbing stores even after there were two crime alerts on the … Continue reading

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UPdate Lopez-Perez gets 17 months sentence for killing Erika Rubi Meza 2 yr old Mexican Anchor Toddler Killed by Juan ****hit and run in Mexican Slum of Salem by Illegal Mexican Male Juan Lopez-Perez  Ilegal alien Juan Lopez perez- gets 17 months for killing anchor brat Erika Meza, > Martha Meza is also illegal and should be deported. from another site :”What kind of fucked up parent lets their kid run … Continue reading

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Jose Manuel Hernandez Bailon: Drunk Mexican Kills Himself in Tualatin Car Crash-SW Grahams Ferry closed for five hours due to drunk illegal mexican twice the legal limit at the time of the crash.

 I’m very sorry this illegal alien/anchor baby  from Mexico has been allowed to waste the  taxpayer’s money with his free medical treatments at OHSU , when thousands of legal Americans in Oregon have no medical insurance  and are homeless , due … Continue reading

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AZUCONA GARZA, age 31 shuts down I-5 for 3 hours with five car crash near Salem-Drunk Mexican Latina illegal alien

Yesterday Three people entered” Why I cant get into Marion County” . Why Because a drunk doping Mexican illegal alien shut it down. And you still think Mexicans are good for oregon? this is so funny! Are you enjoying the invasion from Mexico … Continue reading

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Mexican RoadKill:Illegal Angel Hits Illegal Jesus: Miguel Angel Ruiz,- Illegal Mexican Hits/Maims Jesus the Drunk Mexican

Mexican RoadKill:  Miguel-( Illegal Mexican) Hits/Maims Jesus (the Drunk Mexican Day Laborer ) God works in mysterious ways, maybe the Mexicans can all run over each other and so help us get rid of 38 million parasites with anchor babies.In the … Continue reading

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Mexican Humor: Illegal Wetbacks send hate mail pretending to be White Legal Americans

one of the things I have noticed is the number of Mexicans who are sending me hate mail. Many adopt fake white names and email addresses,like the one below. It’s  obvious  Babel Fish was used  translate , the result , of course, an … Continue reading

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Mexican Illegal alien Male JOSE LUIS UBINA,Kills Himself Oregon Coast with His Crappy Mexican Driving

Mexican Illegal alien MaleJOSE LUIS UBINA Kills Himself at Oregon Coast with  His Crappy Mexican Driving Fatal Traffic Crash – Highway 101 south of Bandon (Photo) Oregon State Police – 03/29/09 once again a crappy illegal alien from Mexico kills … Continue reading

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Arrest Log II- Mexicans busted In Washington County and Oregon

   3) CAMACHO-ALVEREZ,JESUS PRISCILI Sex:M” Race:W DOB:1964-03-14 Height:5′ 09″ Weight:150 lbs JID:PO******** — MNI:75078 — FBI:933640NA8 — SID:8857071 — ST:OR BOOKING: CHARGE/TRANS: OSB: CASE: COURT: ARREST: AGENCY: SECURITY: RELEASE: 0611320 ROBBERY II / ROBBERY II C062071CR WCC 2006-08-10 HBP 2007-01-12 … Continue reading

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