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A Scottish Highlander asks that you help stop the invasion of illegal alien criminals

Illegal immigration is a serious crisis in the United States, and it is time that We The People stand up and fight it.  Join me in this fight, go to,, Numbers USA, and and get involved!  Let … Continue reading

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Stop the job theft of American jobs by foreign workers: Stop all immigration for ten years

You can send this fax to your Congressional rep by going to Numbersusa Sen. Ron Wyden 223 Dirksen, United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 Another 6,600 jobs were lost in Oregon last month. The unemployment rate is 12.2%! It is … Continue reading

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Update!Gustavo Joaquin Chavez-Ramos charged attempted murder of another Mexican: Mexican Violence In Mexican Salem Oregon: Three Mexican Teen Anchors attack Teen Mexican Rosendo Garcia Jr., with Baseball Bat

06/08/09 Sixteen year old Gustavo Joaquin Chavez-Ramos was arraigned today in Marion County Circuit Court on a District Attorney’s information charging him with: Attempted Murder, Assault in the First Degree, and Assault in the Third Degree. The first two counts … Continue reading

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