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Feb 9th-Drunk -ARIAS-LARA,SILVIA- Illegal Mexican Breeder Arrested /GONZALEZ,OSBALDO AZAEL Meth & Felony-In Washington County oregon

Feb 9th-Drunk -ARIAS-LARA,SILVIA- Illegal Mexican Arrested In Washington County oregon Remember all Hispanic (picture is not of the latina puta arrested but of another latina illegal puta arrested in Multnomah county oregon)Illegal Crimnals are white in washington county, and The Oregonian … Continue reading

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Senator Harry Reid says Amnesty will pass next spring no Problemo

harry reid laughing at us – arise americans we are under attack for those of you who think Obama meant change for Americans , I think this is what he meant: to Give Amnesty to His Aunt and 38 million … Continue reading

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  please donate to  disgusting as it might seem we have to work with the Scum called our elected Representatives   President-elect Barak Obama said he plans to address our growing immigration anxieties within his first 100 days in … Continue reading

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