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Population Explosion of Mexicans In Oregon from 1990

Facts about Oregon’s Illegal alien anchor baby mexican wetback criminal scum barrios   Read about how many Mexicans are in Prison:– population explosion ( Following is a link from a pro- hispanic organization- the facts are a … Continue reading

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Population Explosion In Oregon due the Invasion of Illegal aliens and State Department Trash About 45,000 people are moving here every year and most are illegal Breeders and Job Theives.  In one year , Illegal  mexican breeders popped out 4,000 anchor  babies in Oregon. There are about half a million hispanics in … Continue reading

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CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization: Plenty of water if the mexicans went home

CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization Good luck trying to get the liberal, leftist “environmental” movement to wake up to the inconvenient truth of runaway population growth fueled by illegal immigration. Another inconvenient truth is that these people don’t … Continue reading

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