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6th suspect arrested Mexican Male Elvis Torrentes charged in Richmond gang rapeGang Rape Victim of 15 is White , Mexican Latino Gang-rape in Richmond Ca Media Hides victim's race : Update Samantha Haupt Kidnapped by two Mexicans in Oregon

6th suspect charged in Richmond gang rape another mexican who raped her with foreign objects Updated: 11/06/2009 02:42:15 PM PST RICHMOND, Calif.—A sixth suspect has been charged in the gang rape of 16-year-old girl outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance. That … Continue reading

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American Woman in Wheelchair sodomized by Mexican Illegal Gerardo Flores-Hernandez in mexi-trash/ Marion County

!American Woman in Wheelchair sodomized by  Mexican Illegal Gerardo Flores-Hernandez  in mexi-trash/ Marion County This mexican rapist was the boyfriend of a woman who worked there. Lawsuit time: I bet the woman employee  was a fat white woman. Mexicans hate Black women … Continue reading

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