Help Arrest & Deport Carlos & Pedro Reynaud Erazo:

Carlos is back selling Under Portlandsbooks on All his listings are up and running. We need to do more with the IRS and DOR he needs to be kicked off Amazon once and for all and his gang brother Pedro, Everyone please help by turning him in. He and Pedro should not be making money!

Hey everybody Carlos is selling again on Amazon I guess he’s not so scared anymore, we need more Craig list posts on rants and raves and the IRS

I just want you to know I am keeping track of how many hits and Carlos and Pedro are still of interest. Every day more and more people know about them.

What he doesn’t know is that if the IRS Is investigating, like the police, it doesn’t happen overnight and we have only been doing this a little over a month. He probably thought that because no one contacted him directly nothing would ever happen. He doesn’t know that when the IRS comes, they will knock on his door like the cops. So will the DOR.


 He has already been jailed once, his sister deported his brother about to be, his picture is posted on the Internet daily and he still thinks he can flout the government. He is probably desperate for cash and money to get out of town.

 This is what dealing with criminal illegal Hispanics is like, they are all like this, unless you have a club in your hand and you club them they think the whole thing is a joke, because the American way is so much more civilized it doesn’t seem real to them.

 You can post more in rants and rave because where you are posting does not get web traffic.

I will continue to keep them on my front page and post. Getting the government to respond with any speed urgency or passion is a bit out of our hands.

 If it takes a year and a day to break them then that is what we have to commit too.

 I am furious with our slack government where illegal aliens sue Americans and win and where Americans are punished for standing to illegals.

carlos reynaud illegal lying bully who cheats on his taxes and sells on Amazon

The Hispanic Book Mafia


This is what we are up against, only the corporations and government side with the illegal aliens


written by someone from Seattle

Seattle/Everett Goodwill Outlet Portland Books Gang

January 7th, 1:44 For a little more than a year now (about January 2010 – January 2011) a book dealer gang working for portlandsbooks (Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc.) and BOOKS-FOR-EVERYBODY, sellers located in Portland and Hillsboro, Oregon, has been daily monopolizing and loitering at the Goodwill Outlet stores in Seattle and Everett. They have assaulted and threatened me and other people. In 2010 the gang caused many violent incidents and there were multiple police calls due to them. Their “shopping technique” is referred to as “hoarding” or “scooping”. They aggressively grab and hoard books (about 80 percent of everything), taking as much of the newly set out offerings as possible, filling up their personal bins as quickly as possible, in order to prevent other customers from buying anything of value before them. The gang wants to scan the barcodes to decide which items to buy, but doesn’t want anyone else to get them first. When hoarding the books, they shove and hit people with books they throw, but they have also committed more serious assaults, and have verbally threatened people. They show up en masse in order to monopolize the stores. It is obvious to any normal person that this behavior is abusive, but apparently not to the Seattle Goodwill management. The fundamental problem is Seattle Goodwill itself. They are permitting this group to do what they are doing.

The group camps out at the Outlets most of the day, every day, and create a menacing environment. They strut around like they own the place, talking on cell phones and acting cocky. Over the entire year of 2010, angry and confused customers complained to Goodwill management about this situation, to no avail. I have overheard many people, including elderly folks trying to shop at the Goodwill, say that they aren’t going to shop there again because of the gang’s behavior. Decent people have been driven away, leaving mainly only the aggressive bullies. Almost any time you go to the outlets you will see them there. They have nothing better to do than loiter in the stores all day.

This gang works for a 41-year-old man named Carlos R. Reynaud Erazo ( (phone 1-503-737-7920) who does business under the name Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc. The gang supplies merchandise for Carlos’ lucrative Amazon business. His Amazon account is “portlandsbooks”. His business address (office/warehouse) is 7980 SE 17th Ave. Portland, OR 97202. His home address is 5621 SE Holgate Blvd. Portland, OR 97206-3825. Carlos used to live in Happy Valley, Oregon. For years his minions have been terrorizing the Portland, Oregon area, and their big expansion to the Puget Sound area started in about January 2010. Carlos employs illegal aliens. Please let him know that his group’s criminal and abusive/unfair behavior is not appreciated. Check his Amazon account and you will see that he has a very high amount of Amazon sales, so he is pulling in the money. A basic online background check reveals he may be related to the following people: Norah M. Salva, Asencio Norah, Daysi Reynaud, Roberto Reynaud, Jaramillo Salvador. Most Amazon sellers do not engage in indecent behavior like Carlos. Tell Carlos to do business without resorting to gang tactics, intimidation, bullying, mob activity, and social disruption.

Carlos R. Reynaud Erazo works with his brother Pedro Reynaud Erazo, a known convicted criminal, who the U.S. government and ICE have been attempting to deport back to Honduras. The link below is to a story published in 2006 by The Register-Guard (a newspaper in Eugene, Oregon) about a library book sale at the Lane Events Center in Eugene. Reading this article you can see that the gang has long been engaging in book hoarding. Carlos sent his people up to Seattle after causing so much disruption and harm to the book market in Oregon. Here are some excerpts from the link below:

“This book-buying business is not for the faint of heart. Watch as the doors open at 8:55 a.m… and dealers come rushing in, running to the book-laden tables, as a volunteer yells, unheeded, ‘Don’t run! Don’t run! Don’t run!’ Step aside as buyers swarm the neatly stacked books, grabbing handfuls without checking titles, shoving them into boxes. Along with the more selective buyers, there seemed to be another breed, buying books as a commodity, scooping them up as quickly as possible and rushing back for more. Meet Pedro Reynaud, working with three confederates to buy as many books as he can for his Portland bookstore – a couple thousand, maybe. CAPTION: Buyers at the Friends of the Library annual book sale speed from table to table, loading up their bins and boxes – then doing it all over again. Pedro Reynaud, a bookstore owner from Portland, hauls away a loaded box Saturday at the Friends of the Eugene Public Library annual book sale. NAMELESS VOLUNTEER, CALLING FRUITLESSLY TO RABID BOOK BUYERS AS THE DOORS OPENED.”

The 2009 federal case against Carlos’ brother Pedro Reynaud is at the link below. It is Erazo v. Homeland Security et al Case Number: 3:2009cv01048.

Pedro’s Amazon account is “BOOKS-FOR-EVERYBODY”. His business address (office/warehouse) is 2900 SW Cornelius Pass Rd. Ste 446 Hillsboro, OR 97123-6712. His phone number is 503-352-9818. BOOKS-FOR-EVERYBODY has over 25,000 media items listed on Amazon. Pedro’s gang for years has menaced the area and hoarded books at the Hillsboro and Portland Goodwill Outlets, other stores, and Friends of the Library book sales. Many legitimate businesses were driven out of business by Pedro as well as Carlos.

Everett Goodwill Outlet assigns several employees to watch them when the new books come out, to try to prevent them from fighting with anybody, which to me seems like an admission by Goodwill that they are a problem, yet they won’t make them go away. So a weird scene transpires when fresh books get set out. Go to the Outlets and see what I mean for yourself. The assigned employees stand back like prison guards and observe the melee as the gang attacks the books. You can hear the guard employees shouting “HEY DON’T THROW THE BOOKS!”, “NO SHOVING!”, “GIVE OTHER PEOPLE A CHANCE!”, “I SAW YOU THROW THAT BOOK ON THE GROUND – PICK IT UP!”, etc. It seems to me it would be cheaper/fairer/more efficient for the Goodwill to implement a “no hoarding” policy.

The problem of “book hoarding” or “scooping” perpetrated by resellers has been recognized nationwide by Friends Of The Library organizations. Many have implemented “no hoarding” policies, since the Friends Of The Library book sales are very popular with resellers. It isn’t hard to design and implement such a policy. Before implementing such a policy, these people would clear off whole tables of books, preventing other customers from buying books. Most hoarded books would not be sold, since most get rejected and messily dumped back on tables or floors, hurting the Friends Of The Library. It’s ridiculous that Goodwill refuses to take similar action.

A local Friends Of The Library book sale in Edmonds, Washington posted the following elegant policy to prevent book hoarding:

Do not remove or stack quantities of books from table as you consider purchase. Select and consider one book at a time. Hand-held scanning devices must be used at the table.

Here is a book hoarding policy from a Friends Of The Library in Kansas:

Please do not sweep or clear an entire shelf or category of books. (Customers who sweep an entire category may be asked to leave without their purchase.) Our goal is to raise funds for the library and Book Hoarding Costs The Friends Sales.

Here are some more examples:

No carrying books away from the tables/hoarding books to evaluate later. Scanners and cell phones may be used to scan books only at the tables. Boxes removed from display tables will be tallied as purchases. Books set aside must be purchased. No setting books aside/hoarding for later consideration. People who engage in unacceptable forms of rude behavior like pushing, fighting, hoarding/scooping or bullying will not be checked out and will be asked to leave.

The web page I got that from also had this to say:

“When the doors open a few of the more aggressive dealers will charge in and target what they hope are the more valuable books and media on sale. They grab anything that looks like it might be valuable and throw it into their box or bag, these are then hauled off into the corner and covered with a blanket, maybe with one of their cronies to guard them. They then run back to the tables and scoop up as many more valuable looking books as they possibly can. With all of their hoarded books in the corner these dealers then relax a little and start to scan the barcodes of the books remaining on the tables. When they have satisfied themselves that there are no more books of any real value left on the tables then, they will focus their attention on the books they hoarded earlier. They will usually sit down and scan them into to a buy pile and a reject pile, the reject pile is usually four or five times bigger than the keeper pile. Sometimes these unsavory book dealers will make a half-hearted attempt to put their reject books back where they got them from but usually not. They frequently just abandon them in the corner and leave it to the volunteers at the sale to put them back into the tables in the correct category.”

Here is another choice description I found:

Greedy and pushy behavior

Sellers run to tables as if each sale was “Black Friday.”

Sellers literally push other shoppers aside and grab books.


Some sellers gather armloads of books and stack them in a pile, denying other shoppers the ability to buy them. Then once they’ve hoarded all they can, they sit down and scan the entire pile. Generally, and I’ve seen this, they leave the rejects behind for the Friends of the Library volunteers to pick up and put back on the tables.


Sellers equip temp workers or family members with scanners to swarm the sale. This is very unpleasant for other people just trying to buy a few books for personal use.

a woman who was assaulted and threatened by the gang in December 2010 (quote:” I actually had words with one of the men (who almost knocked me down–and I am small and frail), and it only made him angry and more aggressive. I have shopped at this outlet in the past when I was in town (about twice a year), and before these guys came, it was OK and sometimes there were good finds. Now it is like the worst library sale ever compounded by 100 percent”):

Here is a survey from 2008 with a long list of Friends Of The Library organizations that have reacted to book hoarding:

The gang callously damages items other people want, before anyone else can get them. The group processes books as if they are on a factory assembly line, getting anything their scanners tell them is worth something. 99.9% of the stuff at the outlets is trash. The appeal of the outlet is that if you search long enough, you may find something nice, or rare, amongst all the junk. Since the gang operates as though the bins are a production area, they are very rough on everything, throwing and tearing books. They do not recognize the antiquarian, rare, technical, or collectible items because they rely on their laser barcode readers to tell them what to buy, and they are not educated and barely speak English. They damage these valuable items as a result of their mass production system. I have been very sad to see many of the rare items they have broken. I bought a prized set of 16 audio CDs (an audio book with discs housed in a folder) that I rescued from a pile the gang had rejected, just to find out that 5 of the discs had been broken by them and utterly ruined.

The gang members are paid a flat weekly rate to be present at the outlets by their boss Carlos (who moved back to Oregon). They turn over what they find to him. They are not like the usual resellers who do not need to be present all day to find stuff, and who generally work alone. They are being compensated for being present and finding as much stuff for their boss as possible. As a result, members of their group are present at the outlet almost all day, every day. They are motivated to hang around, rather than simply finding a few good things and then moving on like normal resellers. Their boss is the one raking in the money, and they are being exploited. Their system of the guy on the top making the most money, and the workers making very little, has created an environment where they are constantly present, and ruins the experience and damages the merchandise for the usual resellers who work for themselves, and for the general public.

Early in 2010, before Carlos fled back to Oregon, ( crossed out because carlos was lying)I spoke with Carlos several times. Seeing his Che Guevara t-shirt, I asked him if he was a Communist and if he liked Che. Carlos said “Yes, I am a Communist. Che Guevara was a great hero”. I told him Che Guevara was an evil murderer. Carlos said he has relatives who live in Cuba, that they are happy, and it is nice there, and they get free healthcare. At a later date, while Carlos was supervising his people in their book-hoarding free-for-all, I told him “You say you are Communist, but what you are doing here is not consistent with your supposed Communist morals. You are awfully greedy for a Communist. Communism is supposed to be for the good of all people, not just you or a small group of people”. Carlos just shrugged. He pays his workers very little, he exploits their illegal status, and he has a very large income rolling in through his portlandsbooks Amazon account, which has an inventory of more than 11,000 items currently. People should be free to trade and innovate, but not free to bully their competition. Carlos’ whole operation is based on intimidation and coercion. It is their standard operating procedure.

Ironically, the people most affected by this, the displaced resellers, have not responded much because they are too busy trying to eke out a living, and don’t want Goodwill to retaliate against them. Back in April 2010 there was a violent incident at the Everett Goodwill Outlet, in which the gang attacked a reseller not affiliated with them, and Goodwill punished the victim reseller by banning him from the stores. Strangely, Goodwill caters to the gang, and punishes the victimized individuals.

The two Goodwill executives who are most responsible for this ongoing gang problem are Cindi Forslund (Seattle Goodwill’s Vice President of Operations phone 206-860-5706) and Bill Callaghan (Director of Goodwill Outlets 425-263-8549 office 206-510-1243 cell). Both of these people are well aware of this problem. They have been contacted many times. Multiple people have complained to them. Many, many more have complained to local managers and the complaints were passed on. Cindi Forslund and Bill Callaghan are obstinate in their determination to not solve this problem. Although I encourage people to complain to them, be aware that such complaints fall on deaf ears. They have made it very clear they refuse to stop the problems. They will tell people they are working on the problem just to get people to shut up. Seattle Goodwill’s Board of Directors has the power to fire them and replace them with executives who care about Goodwill’s reputation and the community. At this point, the only solution seems to be Cindi Forslund and Bill Callaghan losing their jobs. They are well aware of the police calls and violence. This issue has been reported on in the media. Cindi Forslund lied to the Washington State Attorney General to cover it up. Seattle police have increased their presence and regularly patrol the Seattle Goodwill Outlet on 6th Avenue. Patrol cars are frequently parking or driving through the lot, officers will enter the store and walk a beat through the building, and you feel like you are living in a camp.

One customer filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General, and Cindi Forslund (Seattle Goodwill’s Vice President of Operations) responded to the case by lying to the Attorney General, saying the book dealer gang had been permanently banned from all Seattle Goodwill stores. Here are Cindi Forslund’s exact words in her letter to the Attorney General: “We have been in the process of applying our progressive discipline policy to the customers to whom Mr. XXXX refers. As of yesterday, they have been permanently banned from our stores.” The Attorney General closed the case on the basis of her false claim. If she was telling the truth, then none of the book dealer gang members has any right to be in any Seattle Goodwill stores. They are still there though.

Seattle Goodwill may be acting illegally since they are a nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit they are prohibited by law from acting in such a way as to benefit a private group at the expense of customers. Below are links to legal information and an excerpt.,,id=96178,00.html,,id=139029,00.html

Social Welfare Organizations

To be tax-exempt as a social welfare organization described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4), an organization must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare. Pursuant to changes enacted as part of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2, the earnings of a section 501(c)(4) organization may not inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.

There was an Everett Goodwill Outlet employee named Vickie who is, I believe, married to one of the gang leaders. She was an inside connection for the gang in the Seattle Goodwill company, and one wonders how many other inside connections they may have. For example, I have been told that the father of one of the gang members is a manager at the Seattle Outlet. Vickie would help the gang sort their loot and empty out bins of their rejects. She would strut around talking to them in Spanish, as if her association with them provided her with self esteem she was not getting simply as a Goodwill employee. Multiple times the book dealer gang had been pulled aside and scolded by the store management, and Vickie spoke up to management to defend the gang, trying to mitigate the offenses the group was caught committing. It is not right to help people who daily engage in an unfair business practice, and who have assaulted and threatened people. She was a company insider, since she was an employee helping an outside company. This is akin to allowing the gang to shop from the back room (warehouse), which normal customers are not allowed to do. Since she was a Goodwill employee, her behavior was a conflict of interest. An employee should not use their position to support a separate, private interest, at the expense of serving the mission of the organization. Goodwill is a non-profit organization, whose stated purpose is to act in the public interest, not to serve a small private group of people, helping them to make a profit, at the expense of the other customers, and at the expense of the organization’s mission.

About September 2010 Vickie was fired from her job at the Everett Goodwill Outlet, I believe in response to her work for the gang. This seems to me as Goodwill’s admission that their employee was doing something wrong, and an acknowledgement that it is wrong for a Goodwill employee to work for an illegal alien book dealer gang. Now Vickie openly works for the gang. Vickie is still at the Goodwill Outlet every day, not as an employee, but rather as a shopper/worker for the gang. The new spring in her step seems to indicate that working for the gang is a step up from working for Goodwill. Vickie is still close with a thuggish manager at Everett Goodwill Outlet named Mike. Mike is an employee who is very rude and hostile to customers. He thinks his job is not to serve customers, but to be mean to them.

At least one member of the book dealer gang has admitted he is in this country illegally (he boasted about it). It is illegal for employers to employ illegal aliens, but the Goodwill is enabling them to make money under the table, while not actually employing them. Goodwill should be held liable for this. Carlos should also be held liable for employing illegals. They are taking income away from book dealers and other used goods dealers here who are U.S. citizens.

They tarnish the name of Amazon, making people question where the used media items sold on come from. What is Goodwill getting in return for allowing this illegal alien gang to operate on their premises? How is it liberal or progressive to allow a gang of foreigners to assault people? This gang arrived in the Seattle area about January 2010. Their operation is based in Oregon. They behaved so badly in the Portland/Vancouver area that they became unwelcome, so they came up here. Most people already here would simply like to live in peace and behave decently (fairly and politely) towards other shoppers. Is it liberal or progressive to allow illegals to take over the Goodwill Outlets and continuously behave in a blatantly abusive manner? Maybe this disrespectful and thuggish manner is normal where they come from, but by no means should it be tolerated here. .

Many members of this gang have moved into apartments on or near Casino Road in Everett, east of the Everett Goodwill Outlet. Being close to the Everett Outlet allows them to shop there all day. I would encourage anyone to report to I.C.E. that they suspect quite a number of illegal aliens are occupying that area. Unfortunately the immigration laws are blatantly disregarded by the governments of this country at the present time.

The gang is present at the Outlets every day. The address for the Everett Goodwill Outlet is 2208 W. Casino Rd. Everett, WA 98204-1455 (phone (425) 263-8540). The address for the Seattle Goodwill Outlet is 1765 6th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98134-1608 (phone (206) 957-5516). So if you want to see, talk to, photograph, or video record them, simply go to one of the Outlets, particularly the Seattle Outlet in the morning, and the Everett Outlet in the afternoon/evening. In order to observe them hogging the books, you would need to be there when new bins of books are brought out. Likely times for this to happen would be about 8 AM, 10 AM, or 3 PM, but really it can happen at any time, which is part of the reason the gang hangs around all day. I think it would be helpful to make a compilation of videos of them taking most of the books, and any coincidental aggression. Anyone who observes them doing this, please at least complain to the store management. They gather together when the new books come out to monopolize them, and squeeze out normal people. They are especially hostile and aggressive with anyone who seems to be a book dealer or might compete with them. Generally at least 6 of them mob the new books, but in the past they used as many as 12 people at a time. After gathering books, some of them may disperse, with a fewer number of them scanning the books. During slow book periods there may be only one or two of them waiting, lounging around on the furniture, or randomly shopping. The gang is also sometimes present at normal retail Goodwill stores and Friends Of The Library book sales. A manager at the Downtown (North) Everett Goodwill retail store (address: 3002 Hoyt Avenue Everett, WA 98201 phone: (425) 252-6163) has stated that he has received at least 50 complaints from different customers about their behavior, including complaints of being shoved.

The Goodwill Outlets have behavior policies posted on signs in the stores saying that assaults, threats, damaging merchandise, and intimidation will not be tolerated, and violators will be banned from the stores. But the gang has been given a special status by Goodwill and is not kicked out, even though they violate these policies daily. Book dealers who try to compete with the gang are pushed and threatened. If you try to shop for books while the gang is hoarding them you will see what I mean. The gang seems to think that the outlets are their private turf, and that no one else has any right to the books. Since Goodwill accepts and permits them to operate, they have been emboldened.

Goodwill possibly thinks that if they exclude the gang they will make less money from sales. I am sure this is not the case. Other book dealers have been driven off by the gang. These book dealers could come back if the gang was not present. Also, many normal customers have personally told me they do not intend to return to the stores due to the gang. Also, the gang damages many books and media items, and if this was not happening, more merchandise would be sold since it would be in better shape. Also, since the gang hoards a large number of books for a long time (sometimes hours), a significant number of books are not available for purchase. If they were available, many of these books would be sold.

There is one particular member of the gang who has threatened me multiple times. He drives a red Dodge Neon with a spoiler (wing) on the back, Washington state license plate number 791 SCU. Another vehicle of theirs is a red Ford Mustang convertible with an Oregon Crater Lake plate, with a personalized number. Another vehicle of theirs is a white Ford Windstar van with Oregon plates.

During 2010 Goodwill managers have told people victimized by the gang that specific members of the gang had been banned. The bans were due to violence, some episodes involving the police being called, but many more occurring without police involvement. But after time passed these supposedly banned people came back. Victims have noticed the returning gang members, reported this to Goodwill, but to no avail, generally with lame excuses provided by Goodwill managers. Goodwill doesn’t want to have to monitor all of its customers to see if anyone banned is present. They would not need to monitor people if they would just prevent the conditions causing the violence. If a retail store has to generate a long list of customers who have been banned from the store, this fact alone should indicate that there is something fundamentally wrong with the management of that store. But apparently Cindi Forslund and Bill Callaghan aren’t getting the clue. For the love of all that is holy, how hard is it to ban hoarding? Banning hoarding would prevent most of these violent episodes. Banning human beings may be unenforceable, but human bans would not be needed if Goodwill was run right. Ban the abusive activity. How hard is that? If this environment Goodwill has fostered leads to people being seriously injured or killed, Goodwill will be liable. Cindi Forslund and Bill Callaghan are personally responsible for this environment, and should solve the problems simply out of moral desire for a peaceful community and avoiding any serious tragedies that no person will be able to undo. If nothing else, show concern for the large number of babies and small children that are present every day at the Goodwill Outlets.

The management of Seattle Goodwill is dishonest, claiming they have taken actions to address customer complaints, when in fact they have not. As demonstrated, they lied to the Washington State Attorney General. They are of merely modest intelligence. I know this for a fact since I have directly communicated with them. Stupid people rule this world, and they hate people who are smart. They do not respond to moral arguments. Instead they try to determine what the “establishment” attitude is, as a guide to their actions, regardless of how such “guidance” is corrupt and immoral and hurts their company. They don’t want to ban a gang composed of people who are racial minorities, although the people hurt by the gang and who have complained are mainly people who are also racial minorities (we are black, hispanic, asian, eastern European, etc.). I never even asked Seattle Goodwill to ban anybody, but to simply ban the practice of book hoarding, but they won’t even do this.

The Stranger Slog has reported on this problem twice (reported by Paul Constant – the Books Editor for The Stranger The first was on April 19, 2010 “Inside Seattle’s Guatemalan Book Dealer Gang Epidemic”. This article was regarding a violent incident on April 7, 2010 in which the police were called to the Seattle Goodwill Outlet. The second time was October 11, 2010 “Who Will Protect Us From the Roving Used Book-Buying Gangs?” where they reacted to my prior Craigslist posting. In the October article, Paul Constant takes issue with calling this aggressive, bullying group a “gang”. This is ironic, since Paul Constant of The Stranger called them a gang before I did. Many people had already been aware of this group. I called them a gang, because that is what they are, but also to indicate that I am indeed referring to the same group that people are already aware of. Paul Constant also expressed skepticism that violence has been occurring, scoffing and laughing it off. Police reports for the affected jurisdictions are freely available to the public. These reports are made available to the public in accordance with the Public Records Act (Revised Code of Washington, RCW 42.56). A competent journalist would investigate the police reports. Laughing at social problems does not make you a superior form of humanity Mr. Paul Constant.


The link below is a video from Seattle’s King 5 News from March 2010 which is significant because it actually shows Carlos Reynaud. The video is Seattle establishment propaganda for Goodwill, telling viewers Goodwill is a good altruistic organization and implying that book hoarding is normal. The video report distorts reality by saying the book scooping, which they clearly show, is just people competing with each other. This is a lie. Before January 2010 the book dealers did not do this. The other book dealers had to start scooping in order to compete with the gang. Many months have passed, and now most of the competing book dealers are gone, leaving mainly only the gang. What the gang does is not the same as the usual shopper competition. The video doesn’t show enough for the viewer to realize what the Outlet is actually like. Carlos can be seen in the video at time marker -0:56 and -0.55. He is the guy wearing the black cap and black shirt, with a large stack of books in his arms. I recognize Carlos because I have met him. Carlos has prominent nostrils, so some people have described him as pig-like, which is apt considering his behavior. The old man with gray hair and glasses, seen throughout the video, is Bill Callaghan, Director of Goodwill Outlets. The young black lady seen between time markers -1:14 and -1.11 is Carissa, a manager at the Seattle Goodwill Outlet. Throughout the video some members of Carlos’ gang are visible.

I am sure there are many other people who have been assaulted and threatened by this gang. There must be even more who are aware this gang has monopolized the Goodwill Outlets and don’t think this situation is right. The only way to change this is for enough people to put pressure on the Goodwill organization. I can’t put an end to this problem all by myself, so I need other people to grow a pair and help out for the good of everybody. Contact consumer protection organizations about this. Also contact the media and people within Seattle Goodwill itself. The following is some contact information:

Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc. (PortlandsBooks) account: portlandsbooks

Portland Book Store (R. A. Books Inc.)

7980 SE 17th Ave.

Portland, OR 97202

Carlos Reynaud

5621 SE Holgate Blvd

Portland, OR 97206-3825


Phone: (503) 737-7920

Website (not much there):



2900 SW Cornelius Pass Rd. Ste 446

Hillsboro, OR 97123-6712

Phone: (503) 352-9818



Paul Constant – the Books Editor for The Stranger

The Stranger

1535 11th Avenue, Third Floor

Seattle, Washington 98122

Here are some consumer complaints links:

Washington State Attorney General:

The Better Business Bureau:

Here is the contact information for Seattle Goodwill:

Seattle Goodwill

1765 6th Ave. S.

Seattle, WA 98134

(206) 329-1000

Cindi Forslund – Vice President of Operations 206-860-5706

Bill Callaghan – Director of Goodwill Outlets 425-263-8549 office 206-510-1243 cell

David Sandler – Media Relations/Communications Coordinator 206-860-5733 office 206-510-5108 cell David.Sandler

These are the managers at the Everett Goodwill Outlet:

Corey McNamee

Alex Smith

Lauren Rutherford

This is Seattle Goodwill’s Board of Directors:

Michael Killeen, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Chair)


Phone: 206.757.8076

Fax: 206.757.8076

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

1201 Third Avenue Suite 2200

Seattle, WA 98101-3045

Wayne Lau, Washington First International Bank (Vice Chair)

Amelia Ransom Letcher, Nordstrom (Secretary)

Phone: 206.373.4384

Amelia Ransom Letcher

Divisional Vice President

Corporate Diversity Affairs

1617 6th Avenue

Seattle, WA 98101

Richard Pahre, Moss Adams LLP (Treasurer)

John Hayduk, Immediate Past Chair, JTM Construction (Executive Committee)

JTM Construction

Metropolitan Park East

1730 Minor Avenue, Suite 1120

Seattle, WA 98101

Alan Cornell, Nitze-Stagen & Co. (Executive Committee)

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Ken Colling

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Carlos is back selling. All his listings are up and running. We need to do more with the IRS and DOR he needs to be kicked off Amazon once and for all and his gang brother Pedro, Everyone please help by turning him in. He and Pedro should not be making money!

Hey everybody Carlos is selling again on Amazon I guess he’s not so scared anymore, we need more Craig list posts on rants and raves and the IRS

I just want you to know I am keeping track of how many hits and Carlos and Pedro are still of interest. Every day more and more people know about them.

What he doesn’t know is that if the IRS Is investigating, like the police, it doesn’t happen overnight and we have only been doing this a little over a month. He probably thought that because no one contacted him directly nothing would ever happen. He doesn’t know that when the IRS comes, they will knock on his door like the cops. So will the DOR.


He has already been jailed once, his sister deported his brother about to be, his picture is posted on the Internet daily and he still thinks he can flout the government. He is probably desperate for cash and money to get out of town.

This is what dealing with criminal illegal Hispanics is like, they are all like this, unless you have a club in your hand and you club them they think the whole thing is a joke, because the American way is so much more civilized it doesn’t seem real to them.

You can post more in rants and rave because where you are posting does not get web traffic.

I will continue to keep them on my front page and post. Getting the government to respond with any speed urgency or passion is a bit out of our hands.

If it takes a year and a day to break them then that is what we have to commit too.

I am furious with our slack government where illegal aliens sue Americans and win and where Americans are punished for standing to illegals.

4 Responses to Help Arrest & Deport Carlos & Pedro Reynaud Erazo:

  1. x says:

    Many of the illegals who worked for Carlos Reynaud live at the address below. This apartment complex is very close to the Everett Goodwill Outlet (practically next door to it). This is why they are able to hang out in this particular Goodwill all day, every day.

    Shiloh Village Apartments
    1926 W. Casino Rd.
    Everett, WA 98204


    The Shiloh Village Apartments is owned and operated by Coho Real Estate, a local company known for their sleazy behavior. Harboring illegal aliens is a federal crime, punishable by jail time. They are knowingly renting to illegal aliens. It is inconceivable that they are ignorant of who their residents are. West Casino Road in Everett is a notorious gang area. The neighborhood is completely overrun and everyone in the area knows what West Casino Road is like. Coho Real Estate is a slum lord, with absolutely terrible reviews from residents regarding all aspects of their rentals and management.

    Here is the landlord’s contact information:

    Coho Real Estate Group, LLC
    4223 12th Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98105


  2. Diggs Greybles says:

    Leave it to Beaners! !!

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