In Memory: Kris Eggle

In Memory of Kris Eggle- a truly wonderful man and a great American, who loved the outdoors and went to work for the National Park Service .

Kris Eggle A wonderful man and American murdered by illegal criminal mexicans

Kris Eggle was shot and killed in the line of duty at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, on August 9, 2002 while pursuing members of a drug cartel hit squad who fled into the United States after committing a string of murders in Mexico

Kris Eggle was only 28 when shot  by an illegal alien from mexico. 

Our Government should have had military along the border and shut down the Mexican Drug Cartel. Instead they sacrificed Kris Eggle.

 A few months ago , a  border patrol agent named Brian Terry ; murdered by the same kind of illegals from Mexico. The Federal government  set them free  claiming not enough evidence. This is what our country has come to.

 Words fail me, for the death of one great human being due to the invasion, is a profound tragedy. When I see his picture, I cry .

  Kris Eggle would be alive and well today, no doubt, if the US had not so casually given over our country to illegal aliens.