Free Emma West

The Britain First patriotic movement has launched a direct action campaign to ‘FREE EMMA WEST’, reports Chairman Paul Golding.

Britain First has emailed over 70,000 British nationalists and organised a rally outside HMP Bronzefield (to take place this Friday at 12 midday) to show the government just how sick ordinary Brits are of the ‘race card’ being played against the native British people.

Britain First has also set up a Facebook support group and has drawn in many different patriotic groups to coordinate a ‘fight back’ campaign.

Kelly Hollingsworth, the woman who took the infamous video – and is now reveling in her notoriety – will also be confronted in a series of ‘fight back’ actions by Britain First.

Kelly Hollingsworth Black Really Beautiful Jamaican who Wanted Emma Punished for questioning the right of immigrants to call themselves British

Welcome to a twenty-first-century Twitch Hunt“ Kelly your next

We call upon all British patriots, nationalists and all utterly fed-up Brits to assemble at noon on Friday to show their support,” said Britain First Chairman Paul Golding.

“We also call upon the Home Secretary, Teresa May, and the prison governors, Helga Swidenbank and Alan Thurlby, to be held personally accountable for any harm Miss West may suffer as a result of her incarceration in an ethnically-dominated prison.”

An email/online campaign was launched today (Wednesday 30th November) and further direct action events will be announced later in the week.

The political class and the media may silence one lone English mum but they will not silence Britain First or the rest of the nationalist community.


We call upon all true patriots to rally outside HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ on Friday 2nd of December at 12 midday in support of Miss Emma West.

Miss West has been victimized by the political elite and the PC multi-cult traitors who have brought this country and our people to their knees.

It is time for every true British patriot to take a stand and demand justice!

This young English woman – who was pushed over the edge on a multicultural tram – has been remanded in jail on the pretence of ‘protecting her’ due to several threats against her life.

Compare this with the treatment of the Islamic fanatics who were bailed after being charged with public order offences that occurred during their despicable homecoming demos against our troops.

Many of these traitors and jihadists were given around the clock police protection due to them receiving ‘death threats’ – nothing demonstrates the tangible anti-British/white/Christian bias spewing forth from the corrupt political elite traitors who would see this country and its people ground into the dirt.

Feel free to contact the prison to enquire about Miss West’s welfare. Ring 01784 425 690 (ask for Helga Swidenbank or Alan Thulby).

It’s time to leave party affiliations, egos and petty differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder.

If we fail to do so in such an obvious and justified cause then how can we ever hope to rally our people into action in the future.

People will follow when led…its time my friends to lead our people from the front.

Like Emma, we have had enough and we call on all and every nationalist – men and woman alike – to join us outside the prison to show this victimized lady our support and to cry with one voice: WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK…NOW!

Friday, 2nd of December 2011
HMP Bronzefield, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ
12 mid-day – WILL YOU BE THERE?

from PC watch

Before long, a Twitter hashtag #MyTramExperience (based on the title of the video) was trending all over the UK. Dozens of people tweeted the video to the British Transport Police (BTP) and assisted them with their hunt for the mysterious woman. Within hours of the tweeting frenzy, the BTP announced that they had arrested a 34-year-old ‘on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence’; she has now been charged and the YouTube video has been viewed almost 2.2million times.

Welcome to a twenty-first-century Twitch Hunt. That term, coined in 2009 by spiked editor Brendan O’Neill, sums up this Orwellian modern phenomenon, where a mob of illiberal liberals on Twitter work with the authorities to silence those who dare to utter words that offend their sensibilities.

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