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Mexican Congress Denounces United States for Taxing Remittances to Mexico

http://remittancesgateway.org/index.php/press-clippings/other-news/669-mexican-congress-approves-resolution-denouncing-us-states-imposing-remittance-taxes– http://www.limitstogrowth.org/articles/2010/04/11/hostile-mexico-illustration-the-racket-over-remittances/ The first link is pro-illegals, the second deals with Mexico’s fury that Oklahoma put a small tax on illegals remittances to Mexico.  they are taking advantage of the US. I know a Mexican Illegal , who found a … Continue reading

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The Halt Act: Put Obama the Traitor On Notice! Stop the Backdoor Amnesties

Update go to numbersusa and send a fax- Put Obama on Notice – he is not above the laws of our land, if he wishes to be corrupt then he can rule his father’s land. Rep. Smith to Introduce Legislation … Continue reading

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Illegal Alien Stolen ID Ring Busted Del Monte ICE Raid Oregon

  Illegal Immigrant Stolen ID Ring Busted Last Updated: Mon, 05/12/2008 – 3:13pm No matter how many illegal fraud rings get busted- the illegal hardworking aliens start new crime rings.Oregon’s response to the Del Monte Raid was to never crack down on illegals … Continue reading

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Mexican Julian Ruiz Arrested Mortgage Banker Steals customers ID to buy house: Proof Mexican crooks caused Foreclosure epidemic

Salem Police Arrest Mexican Ruiz Mortgage Broker for Fraud Salem Police Dept. – 09/18/09 2009-09/1095/Ruiz.JPG Following a two month long investigation by the Salem Police Department, The Oregon Department of Justice, and the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services;Mexican … Continue reading

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