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Obama Jokes about Arizona Mexico Border while Children are murderd by Mexican Illegal Aliens

http://www.examiner.com/immigration-reform-in-national/obama-jokes-about-border-as-children-are-killed-by-illegal-aliens-w-video  remember never call them Mexicans because it is racist to point out the national origin of an illegal alien. It is okay for them to write about Brown Pride or call themselves Latinos or Hispanics. It is not racist for … Continue reading

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Mario Arredondo-Sosa Mexican Busted Sexual Assault of Woman Jogger

Suspect Arrested in Sexual Assault of a Jogger  Mario Arredondo-Sosa Mexican Busted Sexual Assault of Woman Jogger Latino Hispanic Illegal Alien Anchor Baby Mexican Rapist of American Women arrested In Salem Mexican Barrio Salem Police Dept.– 05/16/11 Salem Police Detectives … Continue reading

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