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ICE HOLD BUST Three Very Illegal Mexican Heroin Dealers SERGIO REYES-AVIZO,LUIS CONTRERAS-MEZA, 5 lb heroin worth $150,000 Near Ashland Oregon

 Martha Meza illegal alien like the Meza drug dealer above , was not arrested for child neglect two weeks ago when Erika , anchor brat was run over and killed , is this drug dealer  Martha’s brother? N ote the really fat female above, … Continue reading

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UPdate Lopez-Perez gets 17 months sentence for killing Erika Rubi Meza 2 yr old Mexican Anchor Toddler Killed by Juan ****hit and run in Mexican Slum of Salem by Illegal Mexican Male Juan Lopez-Perez

    http://www.katu.com/news/79554062.html  Ilegal alien Juan Lopez perez- gets 17 months for killing anchor brat Erika Meza, > Martha Meza is also illegal and should be deported. from another site :”What kind of fucked up parent lets their kid run … Continue reading

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